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e-mails blocked

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e-mails blocked

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I use mail.reagan.com as my e-mail address.  Now, and just recently, my e-mails from this afddress are being blocked.

I need this fixed. I do have verizon.com email address, but prefer reagan.com.

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Re: e-mails blocked

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hi, Verizon did a change - you should be able to send with that email address again, but you may need to adjust some settings.





Take a look at that,   it may be a simple fix.

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Re: e-mails blocked

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You need to change yoour outgoing mail server port to 587. You can also try using Verizon In-Home to fix it automatically (verizon.com/inhomeagent)

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Re: e-mails blocked

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I am at Great Falls, VA now, using my brother-in-law's verizon conection and verizon is blocking my e-mail domain: dna-tde.com.br.


I am already using outgoing mail server port 587 but I only receive e-mails,


I can not sent e-mail, when I try to sent receive a message: SMTP internal error 554 5.7.1 <pool-72-83-xxx-xxx.washdc.fios.verizon.net{72.83.xxx.xxx}: Client host rejected: Temporary Blocked.


Can you help me?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: e-mails blocked

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That message doesn't look good.    Verizon has two real Spam rules set,  no more than 100 recipients in a single email, and no more than 500 emails per hour.     There are others, but those are the two big ones.  If you vioilated one of these, then it's usually a 24 hour block.  It's a hard block you have to wait.


you might have to go to the whitelist form.   

» If you are an outside organization, please use the ISP form
» If you are a Verizon Online member, please use the Member form


Other Bounce Messages

Example 1:

550: name.mail.domain.net[10.x.xxx.xx]: Client host rejected: More than 20 concurrent connections per subnet

It appears that the mail servers that were responsible for delivering the message to us were temporarily blocked due to a high number of concurrent connections. This type of abuse is usually indicative of a "spammer" trying to send unsolicited commercial emails. Therefore, the message was blocked along with all other messages from that mail server at that time. However, it is likely that the block was subsequently removed.

Example 2:

554: unknown[10.xxx.xxx.xx]: Client host rejected: Access denied 554: Sender address rejected: Access denied

Your message is being blocked because it either had characteristics similar to "spam" (unsolicited commercial email), or you're sending your message from an email provider who has been identified as having allowed spam to be generated from their facilities.

For example, it is possible that the subject line of the message in question may have been identified by mail servers as unsolicited commercial mail (AKA: Spam) and thus was returned. You can retry sending your message with a different subject line.

However, if your email provider has been added to a block list, your email message to the sending email address will continue to be rejected or a bounced message will continue to be generated. If this is the case, please contact your email provider as they will need to look into the block.

Example 3:

554: Client host rejected: cannot find your hostname, [10.xxx.xx.xxx]; from=xxxxx@hotmail.com 554: Relay access denied; from=email@domain.com to=email@anotherdomain.com

This error means that the person sending the email was not authorized to use the email server (SMTP) server to send email. They should contact their ISP or email provider.

Example 4:

reject: header Subject: (Email Subject Line Here)

This subject line is on our "black list" of subject lines, or is on the black list of one of the spam filter lists we use to lessen the amount of Spam our users receive. You should have the sender of this email contact us if they have questions, or ask them, to change the subject line, which unfortunately appears to have been used as the subject of a "spam" message at some time.

Example 5:

554: Service unavailable; [10.xxx.xx.xxx] blocked using relays.ordb.org, reason: This mail was handled by an open relay - please visithttp://ORDB.org/lookup/?host=10.X.X.X

The message in question was blocked because it came from a domain or IP address that is currently listed with one of our Spam filters. These filters are utilized to help prevent excessive spamming to our email providers. If your domain or IP address is listed with any of the four Spam filters we currently use, your message will not be delivered.

If you believe that you have been unfairly added to any or all of these particular lists, please contact the website in question: Ordb (relays.ordb.org) Spamcop (bl.spamcop.net) Osirusoft (socks.relays.osirusoft.com) Wirehub (blackholes.wirehub.net) Spamhaus

Example 6:

554: Relay access denied; from= to= - reject: header Subject: (Email Subject Line) Remote host said: 554 Service unavailable; [XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX] blocked using blackholes.test.com

Where test.com have recently received a large number of abuse complaints regarding your account (and/or your email provider). As a result, test.com have bounced your email message back to you.

This means your IP number (represented above by XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX) has been blocked due to spamming activity by you, or someone using the same IP address or IP address range from your email provider. You may wish to let your email provider know of the situation. While this blocks are usually temporary, if we see repeated activity from this IP address or IP address range, it may be permanently blocked from sending email to test.com mail system

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Re: e-mails blocked

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Thank you for your help Hubrisnxs,


I am trying to send single e-mails to my clients, not even close 100 recipients in a single email or more than 500 emails per hour.


Anyway I followed your tip and fullfilled the whitelist form for ISP's.


Hope this can solve the problem.



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