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email conversion and box upgrades. (att. VZ quality assurance)

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email conversion and box upgrades. (att. VZ quality assurance)

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this is a comment and will send it many more times to many different areas of the site. i spoke with Kathrine in tech support and she was very helpful, (she is not the reason for the "negative" rating) but i was disappointed greatly with the true-switch and the new format of the email. i need to have the control of importing and exporting my contacts. every other email provider i use has that option but yours; for that i am very frustrated. your system simply came on in a small pop up window and said "we cannot save your contacts or you email." the only option at the point was to click "ok!" really??? 'cause that's NOT ok with me.  i will be transferring my email slowly over to another provider seeing as i have no way to save my info in a future situation. VZ really needs to rethink the way you do business in this kind of circumstance, because this is the easiest way to lose customers. THE SOLUTION: as we have seen, the auto-mated section of your system is ignorant; therefore, give more options to the email's user. OR. give the user the "option" to switch to the new interface or upgrade if there is an issue!!! don't make it mandatory, there are far too many bugs in the inner workings of your internet, email, and coax systems to do that. MY issue was from the fact that i canceled the "portal" that connected my yahoo and my verizon email accounts; the VZ account DID NOT reconfigure correctly. i now have to MANUALLY FORWARD ALL OF MY EMAILS! not fun. the problems with the set top box upgrade crashing my tv situation, AND now the email issues are too much for me to bare frankly. you people just can't leave well enough alone! if it's not broke, don't "FIX" IT! i worked on the VZW side for MANY years, and all of you need to understand that your image to the customer is that of what i am going through right now! FRUSTRATION.


 those of you going through these problems, you're not alone.

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Re: email conversion and box upgrades. (att. VZ quality assurance)

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Hi, I just wanted to point out a few things for you.



  1. This is a user to user board, it has no official Verizon presence, so the people that you want to see this post will not.
  2. Trueswitch is not a Verizon service. They are a 3rd party that work with most major ISP's. So Verizon has no input or control on how and what they do. I personally do not like giving my password to a 3rd party so I dont recommend useing it, but each to their own.
  3. This is the way Verizon has been doing it since before they were Verizon. (GTE days) I really dont think they are going to change now. Their response will be... Use a 3rd party email client and you will have everything you asked for. Verizon only supplies a web interface because they have to. If it were up to them they would not use the web. Thats why it is so user unfriendly. They try to get people to use Outlook express (or other 3rd party email system)
  4. about if it aint broke dont fix it. That problem is that it is broke in many cases. It may work fine for you but for many others it doesnt. so its being worked on. When that happens, it fixes the problem for most but breaks it for some others. Never ending cycle. Besides most of what they are doing are considered "upgrades" by Verizon. Even if a few of us dont consider them upgrades, Verizon does.
  5. refer back to point 1. This is just one user commenting to another. Verizon has no offical presence here.


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