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help removing possible email virus

help removing possible email virus

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I am getting tons of bounce backs from emails that i did not send and addresses are not from my address book. Virus scans of hard drive with multiple security software products  come up negative. any ideas of where to go from here?

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While you are thinking it could be a virus, it could also be..


The person who is sending that e-mail, is spoofing the e-mail address.

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Could be that it's not a virus at all. Change your password and secret answer to something new and complex. If they have your login info, they don't need a virus.

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By examining the message headers you may be able to tell if its coming from your actual machines or Verizon webmail or somewhere else.

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Sorry I havent gotten back to this until now...thanks for your response.

Still getting tons of bounce backs as originally described


Can you explain a bit more what "spoofing" is and how I can stop it?


Headers indicate that its not coming from any of our computers as one responder suggested.

  • Some messages contain what looks like Russian language in the body or just giberish/junk
  • Most have attachments (i have never opened)
  • Sample header info from recent bounce back: Message-id: <CHILKAT-MID-cf58d9fd-a0f4-6722-df9e-d895a1c5e125@MARIAPIA>
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Silver Contributor V
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Unfortunately the standards that defines the basic  eMail SMTP protocol do not do a validation of who you say you are so by using the protocol I can connect to a mail server and say, e.g.. From B.Obama@whitehouse.gov , and it a basic mail server will accept it.  Incorrectly identifying yourself in any of the TCP/IP protocols  is a spoofing attack.

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Has this been resolved? I have the very same issue. thanks.
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I have the same problem too. Any other detail ideas that can help me how to stop it?

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I received a phone message from Verizon that my internet service will be terminated soon if I cannot clean of a DNS changer virus. I have attempted several months ago to rid my computer and was not aware that it is still a problem. I need more information.

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