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initiate migration to AOL Mail?

initiate migration to AOL Mail?

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Gold Contributor V
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Hi Peanuts:

Yes I received the same message and completed the migration successfully 


My Location: Bergen County NJ


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I rec'd the msg. also and chose to keep verizon.net and use AOL but the links provided in the msg did not bring up any AOL instructions.


When you did the migration did it give you settings for AOL?

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I also received message with no link to sign up. After signing into my webmail, I chose option and nothing happened... went right to my webmail account as usual. AOLsignup page link not there. Verizon needs to resend message with an active link.

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Does anyone know if this impacts the yahoo.verizon accounts?

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I'm in the same boat. haven't heard or seen anything that may affect yahoo.verizon.

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Just got my notification in the mail.  Deadline April 10th.


So now, because you can't figure out a way to offload simple legacy storage from your precious servers (because storage is so dang expensive these days), we as Verizon customers have to give up the comfortable and hassle free email we've enjoyed for years (and in some cases used as a reason to RETAIN your services over other competing co's like Comcast), we now have to just ditch all of that and make use of the lowest form of adverstising and spam-infested virus collection sites known as web-based email.


I haven't gotten a spam email in over 3 years with this service and the very simple and easy to organize Windows Live Mail program on my desktop.  Now, I will be forced to use some skeevy hotmail or aol browser based service that will give me 10-20 useless items a day that must be managed.  Fantastic.


This is just extremely disappointing.  Really, really bad idea, Verizon.

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Actually, if you choose to migrate to AOL.com.  You can keep everything exactly the same EXCEPT the Web interface.

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I can not BELIEVE that you are forcing us back to the '80s for our email.  I haven't used AOL email since forever.  So from Outlook to AOL; what a downgrade.  I have not been all that impressed with Verizon services-to-cost ratio for a long time and now you are providing even less service.

Very disappointed again.  And AOL?  Really?  Sad.  But I bet YOU ALL save a lot of $.   I also bet your customers will not see any of that savings.  The American Way is alive and thriving at Verizon.  Long may you reign! 


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I'm sorry, this thread should NOT be marked as solved.




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Does anyone know the answer to this one: Besides a Verizon In-Box, I have TONS of verizon.net email stored in various topical folders under my gmail account. Will those messages be safe and remain as they are inside those gmail folders or will they migrate or will they be irretrevable after I migrate my verizon In-Box???


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