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initiate migration to AOL Mail?

initiate migration to AOL Mail?

Copper Contributor Katz
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TO EVERYONE WHO'S ASKING  "Why" and  "How?" and  "Should I?"

Please read this thread from the beginning. And they're not cutting our service because they own AOL.  Some of us can leave and some must retain their email addresses.   Whether you want to make the switch is up to you. I'm grateful I won't have "AOL" in my email address.  Yes, I also detest AOL, but I must stay.

Copper Contributor bowlerguy
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I received the AOL migration notice from Verizon on 3/14/2017 which stated that I needed to make a decision by April 10th.  I clicked on the "Remind Me Later" link at the bottom of the notice.  How do I get back to the notice with the AOL setup link when I am ready to start the migration?  I have logged out and back into my email and do not see any "Email Service Notice" link as indicated in the other forum messages posted here.


Please advise how I can start the migration?



Copper Contributor amich
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You need to log-in to your e-mail account(s) on Verizon webmail in order to migrate to AOL.  When you log-in to your account, you should be re-directed to a page about the AOL migration (rather than directly to your e-mail).  There are links available to either opt-in to AOL or not on this page.  There are also other links available on the page which lead to more available details about the migration.

Copper Contributor Katz
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I AM NOT redirected to that page about AOL. I'm directed to a page about my FIOS services.  They're already making a mess of this.  Do you have the URL of the correct page? Thanks.

Copper Contributor amich
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Did you receive any e-mails about the change?  Can you access your Verizon e-mail through their website? 


I'm not sure if relevant, but I have DSL, as FIOS isn't available in my area.  From reading this thread, I've gotten the impressions Verizon may not be asking all their customers to do this at once.


I don't have a "correct URL."  I didn't bookmark it, as it appeared every time I logged into either of my 2 e-mail accounts so that seemed unneccessary, and since I've already migrated to AOL, I can't pull that up that again.

Copper Contributor james_marshall
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When I log in to netmail.verizon.net, I am redirected to:  https://webmail.verizon.com/signin/LdapBind.jsp  


This is the "Welcome Page" that starts off, "Effective {date specific to your account}, we'll no longer provide verizon.net email service. Other than this change, your Verizon service(s) won’t be affected.  We have two options for you to consider. Please review both options and take action today to avoid losing access to your email."  This is followed by too much information to paste here.


The two links on the Welcome Page are:





When I tried to use these links from a cold start in another browser, they took me to the Webmail sign in page.  I didn't pursue past that point.


I hope this helps.




ps.  Kudo for telling people to read the thread.  Most of the questions they ask are already answered. 




Contributor jtownjohn
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My question about the migration is to which part of AOL are verizon.net accounts being migrated?  From what I have read there are two types of accounts, free ones and paid ones.  Reading on line reviews, the free accounts have considerable problems with security and accounts being frozen.  Does anyone know which category verizon.net  is being assigned?


Disappointed with the amount of explanation and assistance with a chane of this magnitude.  Also disappointed with the autocorrect features of this blog.

Contributor pjw102152
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Have attempted multiple times to communicate questions concerning the transition from Verizon to AOL email service on the "Contact Us" link under services with no response. Have read an article in my local paper & saw a clip on the local news. When is this happening & what do I need to do to keep my verizon.net email addresses? Reading through some of the comments in this forum only makes me more confused.

Contributor rpfix
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Those links don't work for me. The first 2 send me to my email, with no redirection, the 3rd is not what I want.


I need instructions for staying with my POP3 program, Mozilla Thunderbird, and my 3 existing Verizon addresses. If it's such a mess for me, who understands what's going on, imagine what's going to happen to millions of subscribers who aren't as savvy. I think Vz mail is doomed for us all. Vz should have done this themselves, not asked all of us to do it. I followed another link, but it took me only to the FAQ page.


I've already fried registering at AOL/AIM.  They say my email already exists, but they won't accept either my old PW or a new one.

Contributor rummi71
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I switched my email to AOL and now when I try to sign in it says my email it says my username is not correct. When I try to sign in with verizon it tells me to go to AOL.  So frustrated and can't check my email!!

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