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initiate migration to AOL Mail?

initiate migration to AOL Mail?

Copper Contributor bowlerguy
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I am NOT redirected to a page about the AOL migration when I login.  I am directed to my regular email account page.  I see no links for migrating to AOL or another provider.  It has been over a week since the Email Service Notice first appeared and no redirection has occurred since then.




Contributor aus4tmg
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Verizon email to AOL email - Strike 1.  Comcast is looking better!  Keep charging me moe & that will be strikes 2 & 3!!  Did anyone at Verizon ever think about why we were with Verizon email & not AOL to begin with?!?!?!?

Contributor jgj4
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I got the message to migrate 2 weeks ago, and while I was researching to be sure it wasn't a scam the message with the 2 options disappeared. Couldn't Verizon have given a heads-up to customers that the choice was coming before forcing to choose on the spot?!!

I've spent hours on the phone with Verizon tech support-- they either know nothing about it or tell me I will receive 2 more notices before being cut off, but the deadline is only 9 days away.  Does anyone have a URL or hotlink to the page with the 2 options so I won't lose my account? 

Contributor BSlaydon1218
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I have not gotten and email telling me about the switch. My parents have and we live in the same city. Not sure if it was accidently deleated by me or not. How can I check to see if I received one or not?

Copper Contributor COMET65
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I find that the AOL E-mail system is better than the Verizon. The spam filter works. It is easier to access. I am pleased they did this. 

Contributor johnwg
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how and where do I find out if and when I change to AOL?


Contributor fed1040ez
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Did not received any notice for moving Verizon.net mailbox to AOL mail. When is it suppose to happen, read a lot of news and forum talked about this. when is the actural moving date starting.

Contributor fed1040ez
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agree, no email notice as they were suppose to be sending, read a lot on newspapers and blogs talking about it but not from Verizon directly to their customers.


nowaday, email service relate to personal life and work and bussiness environment, cannot just briefly brush over, keep customers inform on every move, just prompt alert or notice on the dash board, to let us know the process.


Read the retiring the mail service and planning to move customers' mailbox to AOL mail on USA Today,  but not from the provider - Verizon.

Contributor Willyd4
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I received an email on March 15, 2017 from Verizon telling me that as of April 21 they will no longer support Verizon.net email service. Is this real?

Contributor THRTRBF
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Yes. it is. Be sure to follow the directions. I received a blurb informing me of the changes and before I could do anything it disappeared. Now I can't find anyone with Verizon that help me.

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