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initiate migration to AOL Mail?

initiate migration to AOL Mail?

Contributor Todd412
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OK, at this point I'm waiting for further instructions. I would suggest NOT trying anything unless communication is received from VZ. You could potentially create service interuptions of your @verizon.net account if you go poking around without their notice(s).


As "tns2: implies, the end-user MAY not have to do anything and it would be seamless on our end. Well, at least this is how is should be managed. I'm a "techie" and this process is rather "vague" for the general public let alone individuals like myself.


Lastly, I have read about 3 different publications stating "dates" or discontinue @verizon.net address AND every one has been incorrect at implementing those "cut-off" dates, so Verizon obviously has confused the or misled the general public on this matter. Good work VZ...



Contributor weincsw
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Be patient.  You will get an email. I also just use Outlook as my email app.  Migration was easy.  After it was done, Outlook asked for new password as soon as I logged on.  Be sure to enter for outgoing as well as incoming server.  I got my notice Mar 27.  

Contributor Todd412
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@weincsw -


Will do. Since we are already in April now, I expect additional rounds of emails to be distributed. 


While I'm in here, this is for the masses asking the same question as to what the email will look like:







Contributor Stenzack
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I have migrated to the Verizon/AOL service. The transition was quick and easy. The biggest advantage for me is that the new service now supports IMAP email. With IMAP, all email will be in synch between your devices (laptops, desktops, phones, pads, etc.). I have never used the webmail interface, so hardly anything has changed.

Copper Contributor qjill
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After being a Verizon customer at my current address for 17 years, I am disappointed and very upset that Verizon is choosing to treat customers so shabbily regarding the email situation. AOL is a remnant from the 1980's Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movie "You Got Mail." Recruiters have told me that using an AOL email on your resume dates you as a relic from the past and is the kiss of death when job searching. Even worse is that they just released the new name of the Yahoo/AOL meger. The new name, believe it or not, is "OATH." The name makes "New Coke" look like genius. Now I am also going to have to change the user name on every website I visit as your email is the user ID on all. My banking, utilities, emergency alert services, etc. all use my email. Why should customers be loyal to Verizon if they are going to treat us this way?

Moderator Moderator
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Hi qjill,


If you elect to migrate to AOL, you will keep your "@verizon.net" email address.

Copper Contributor qjill
Copper Contributor
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Dear Lawrence-


That is hardly a response. I paid to have email for the remaining 11 months of my $175.00 per month contract. I don't want to migrate to AOL and this horrible OATH thing. The entire internet is ridiculing the new name. And we all know that eventually we will be made to get new "OATH" ( a little throwup in my mouth) emails. If you read the message boards, only 30% of emails are being transfered, and no foldered emails are making it. I have almost 400 emails in folders that I need to keep. I still have not even gotten the "transfer/your account is toast" email.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I'm sorry to ruin your narrative, but if you will read the entire thread (+/- 175 comments) you will find that things aren't as dire as you paint them. 


First, all that will change is the mail server that your messages are stored on.  You get to keep your @verizon.net address.  You can continue to use your favorite e-mail application like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.  You will not be associated with "OATH" unless you want to be.  You will get a far superior spam filter.


Based on my experience, your e-mails and folder structure will make the transition.  I have been watching and participating in this thread since February.  I haven't heard anyone allege that only 30% of the e-mails are being transferred.  I had over 3,000 e-mails, my wife had even more.  They all transferred, into the same folders.


Finally, Verizon provides this forum for users to help other users.  Your harsh words are not likely to elicit any help from others who have experience with the migration and who might otherwise be able to proffer some advice.



Contributor tanelli007
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I spoke to Verizon customer service and they said that Verizon-Yahoo e-mail "is not within the scope of the current migration plan", and that verizon.net e-mails hosted by the Verizon-Yahoo Portal will continue working for now.   Actually the first agent stated that Verizon-Yahoo e-mail "is not getting migrated", but the second agent made it sound like there is a possibility that later it might get migrated.  My understanding is that for now they are only migrating e-mail hosted at webmail.verizon.com to AOL.


My speculation is that they are waiting until the merger with Yahoo is more finalized before figuring out what to do re the continuation of the Verizion-Yahoo e-mail.  


As I fear they will mess it up, I am going to start going switching over to a non Verizon/Yahoo/AOL/Oath e-mail provider, but that is a daunting task as all of my many online accounts and all of my friends and contacts are currently using my verizon.net e-mail.  

Copper Contributor amich
Copper Contributor
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All my folders did not make the transition.  No explanation from Verizon either.  I think it's been 2 wks.  Not holding my breath.


The least Verizon could have done is provided it's paying customers w/the ad-free AOL for free.

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