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initiate migration to AOL Mail?

initiate migration to AOL Mail?

Contributor ScaryMary
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I have contated verizon's customer service and hear the same song.  The deadline is getting closer.  I also feel I am FALLING BETWEEN THE CRACKS

Contributor weincsw
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You will get 30 days after your official notice to convert.  Any other date that some of you have been getting are due to come outside organizations that have heard about the conversion from some customers that have already received notice. I got similar notice from my water utility. 

Contributor Arrojo
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I received a similar email from a 3rd party stating that all Verizon emails would go away (or need to be moved to AOL) by April 28.  However, I have received no emails from Verizon about this and there is no notice on my Verizon Webmail.


I spoke with a wonderful Verizon rep who explained to me that in fact this rollout is being done over a 6-month period.  He further explained that the email notices will come out on the 14th of each month, and that they have only gone through 2 waves.  And yes you have 30 days after you get the notice to take action.


In other words it started in March, and will be going on through August. Problem solved.  No need to freak out everyone.  I have always had good experiences with the Verizon reps I have spoken with on the phone.


Don't believe me?  Call them and find out for yourself:  1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966)

Contributor holyearth
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I don't want to switch to AOL...they have too much SPAM! Can we please switch to Yahoo - since you now own them as well?




Contributor philipsbiker
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I dumped AOL 30 years ago when I got rid of my 300 baud dial-up modem.  Later on I chose FIOS as I thought they were a technology leader.  Now the"technology leader" is dumping their loyal customers back into the dark ages but still want to command their premium prices for service.  I am well aware that complaining here with not result in a change, but a significant loss of subscribers will.  I for one will not be around to endure the pains of antiquated email.

Copper Contributor hughj
Copper Contributor
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After a discussion with a Verizon tech, I have been told that those with Verizon.net  email addresses that go to YAHOO Mail will not be affected by the email shutdown; now I just have to decide if I believe him!

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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Well, the migration notice came up on my Verizon Webmail this afternoon here in Northern Virginia.  I clicked on the "Keep Verizon" link and immediately got an error message about some technical problem and Verizon was aware of it, and then it routed me to the normal Webmail page.  GRRRRR!!  😉


I haven't received an email from Verizon about it being time to switch.  Sometimes it looks like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.




Contributor toflf
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If your in NJ I guess they're starting here.I just received a message on the top of email page today of dropping and further notice to come. I had email since bellatlantic.net(before verizon) then converted to verizon.net when they took over in NJ/NY. It will be a royal Pain in A if the verizon.net doing all this does not work.AHHH!

Contributor Disgruntled666
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I would love to know why I have not been notified by Verizon about this change. I just found out today when one of my subscription services told me to update my email information with them. Now I have 7 days to update hundreds of accounts and notify everyone in my contact list? Absolutely ridiculous Verizon. When are you planning on telling me?!!  It's not like you don't have my email address? And no, it's not in my spam filter.

Contributor Nako
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I'm done - on the phone with them today - LEAVING !!!

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