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initiate migration to AOL Mail?

initiate migration to AOL Mail?

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It's happened for those who were sold to Frontier in Florida, Texas, and California. It is true that Verizon is shuttering their e-mail service. Chances are very good, that yes, Verizon will move e-mail they provide to the AOL platform, since they own AOL (and soon Yahoo).


AOL Mail isn't that bad. I say this as I continue to maintain an account from 1997. I don't get any spam on it.

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Does anyone know the order of implementation for email notifications?  It seems like some families in my neighborhood (in Arlington, VA) have already received their notices except my family.   Is it being done by blocks?  Alphabetically?  I'm just wondering if it's because they haven't reached me yet, they skipped  me, or I deleted an email I shouldn't have...  I'm starting to get worried because it seems the changeover is supposed to happen in April...

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Everyone's getting different stories.  I didn't get any notice at all  on my 2nd or 3rd email addresses.

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TO the people who are still asking "Is it true?"

Please start reading this thread from the beginning.

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I use Mozilla Thunderbird for email. I've posted the issue on Mozillazine, the forums for Mozilla products.




Anyone else who's using TB can follow that thread or join that forum. The folks there DO NOT work for Mozilla. We're an independent user-to-user help forum. The members are savvy;  many are retired from or working in the IT industry.


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I have read that many have received messages that their email accounts are going away soon.  I have not yet received such a message.  Is mine going away soon?  How can I find out when it will be shut down?

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  I'm in the same boat. I live in Fairfax (City), VA and have not received notification yet, or I may have deleted it accidentally. I called in to Verizon on Friday and was told that they will send up to two additional notices if you do not take action on the first one. I was also told that everyone in Fairfax would not be changed over at the same time - it's on an individual basis. I don't know how true any of this is, but I'm somewhat worried, like you.

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Lulu, NOVA,


I live in DC.  Our geographic proximity may not mean anything due to the state lines, but the first e-mail announcing the need for me to migrate arrived on Monday 3/13.  A second e-mail came on Wednesday 3/15.  Both say that effective April 13, Verizon will no longer provide verizon.net e-mail service.


Further, when I sign into webmail.verizon.com, there is a new welcome page that announces the migration, gives you links to click to migrate to AOL or to other services. 


I cannot speak for Verizon, but my guess is that if you have not received an e-mail and you don't see the new welcome screen, it's not your time yet.  After all a phased migration makes sense as it helps prevent help desks from being overloaded with questions.



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I have hear that Verizon will cancell my verizon email account is that true?

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My parents live in the same city as I and they received notice last week about switching their e-mail to AOL or another carrier. I have not received any noticed. If so I must have deleted it. Is this true? A lot of scams these days and want to make sure this is true. If so why are they doing this seems that people are having trouble with AOL. I never liked AOL and I am happy with the Yahoo/Verzon. How will I now when I am suppose to switch. My parents email said it was suppose to be in April. Although some people have posted it was suppose to happen in Feburary. What is true?

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