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new Verizon email server settings and Westell (2200) modems -- seriously?

new Verizon email server settings and Westell (2200) modems -- seriously?

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Does anyone know if Verizon supplies the actual port setting changes needed on the Westell 2200 (and other) modems in order to make their new email port requirement changes work with the standard firewall level (medium)?


I mean, they can't be serious with the whole "Hey, just change your firewall security to Low!"  instructions, can they...?


I can't imagine a real internet company whose only suggestions for implementing server changes they've made are  "lower your security".  Especially since their own rationale for making these changes is stated as being to increase security!


Surely after all this time, they must have a page posted on their site somewhere that has complete instructions for the Westell firewalls which allow us to continue to use Verizon SMTP servers without lowering our firewall security across-the-board.  Just give us the step-by-step Westell port-forwarding instructions to add the appropriate holes in the firewall to only allow the Verizon SMTP servers through on the required ports, and nothing else.  Telling us to "set your Firewall security to Low" is absurd.


If anyone finds a link to those instructions, please post it.

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Not familiar with these modems but essentially you should only have to deal with the ports mentioned.  465 and 995 outgoing need be allowed.

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   Yes, I wouldn't expect just anyone to be familiar with a random modem -- but I do expect Verizon to be, since they supplied them.  One would think a standard feature of supporting the equipment you supply would be to post specific config info for firewall settings when the provider makes changes that require them.  Rather than saying something like "oh, just change your firewall protection settings to low!"


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