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pop.verizon.net server blocked for international access

pop.verizon.net server blocked for international access

Contributor rploeg
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Registered: ‎04-02-2015
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It took me nearly an hour to find out through a Verizon tech support chat that pop servers are blocked for international access! This means on web access will work, you can't use your e-mail client to access Verizon e-mail when travelling abroad.  Verizon - please post this policy on your support page to save people time having to learn the truth!


For people like me who travel abroad a few times a year and have multiple e-mail services, this makes a compelling case to use a different e-mail service like gmail that has no problem with this. Also, I find the user interface for Verizon web access to be inferior to most common e-mail clients like Outlook, Windows Live Mail, etc.

Contributor RMusil
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Registered: ‎04-21-2015
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Thank you for preventing me from wasting yet another day trying to figure out how to get POP3 to work now that I am over in Europe. The Verizon webmail portal at least you get something. Verizon's rationale behind blocking foreign access seems strained at best, e.g.




Copper Contributor bfrederi1
Copper Contributor
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I just want to emphasize what an annoyance this Verizon policy is, and how customer-unfriendly both the policy and the non-existent support is.

Contributor corner204
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Registered: ‎04-23-2015
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You were lucky, I spent 4 months, countless hours trying to get an explanation and possible work around. Hard to imagine a company that paid its CEO $18 million thinks this policy makes sense.Most Verizon support people you talk to are out of the country, why shouldn't you be able get your email just because you choose to leave the US?. makes me want to leave Verizon

Contributor markgordo
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Registered: ‎05-14-2015
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I spent my entire European  trip October 2014 trying to use Verizon email.  I assumed it was because I was incorrectly using new iOS phone and iPad. 


I am getting ready for a trip of France and thought I would contact Verizon to see what I could do to eliminate the problem.  No where on the website does my problem get addressed so I went to the Forum.  There it was!  Verizon does not allow email access! 


I now have a gmail account and plan to switch over completely once I return.  Hopefully,  I will be able to keep in contact with family while traveling!


This is the second strike out by Verizon.  It took months to correct the FIOS Quantum problem with programming.

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