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port 587 blocked by Verizon? Unable to send email to Google SMTP server

port 587 blocked by Verizon? Unable to send email to Google SMTP server

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I'm trying to set up Apple Mail to send email through Google.  (Logging in to Google's server using a gmail account.)


My Mac is unable to connect to smtp.google.com on port 587.


Technical support claims that they are not blocking port 587, but I frankly don't believe them.


Is anyone using Apple mail or Outlook with gmail account using smtp.google.com on port 587?


Please advise.

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Verizon doesn't block port 587, in fact it is their preferred alternate mail server port


The trick with Gmail set up is that 587 requires TLS and their OTHER alternate port 465 requires SSL.  please review the configuration instructions for your specific client.


Here are some common solutions to sending mail with google


If those links don't work, then here is a sample configuration that works well for a non verizon email address (@gmail.com for example)

Your incoming mail server
no ssl
Your email address
your username
your password

no ssl
my server requires authentication = yes
your verizon username (should be the same thing that you use to sign in at »webmail.verizon.com, test your password by logging in at that website, if it doesn't work, then reset your password and use the correct information)
your verizon password
should work on 25 since this part is verizon, but if it doesn't work for whatever reason try 587

sometimes third party mail servers don't play nice, and don't use 587 for their alternate port. like go daddy often uses port 80 for ougoing as an example, or their 587 requires special configuration.

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Someone on the Google forum posted that I should be using

smtp.GMAIL.com, not



(caps for emphasis only - DNS doesn't care)


I changed that and still was unable to send email.  However, a few hours later, I *was* able to connect.  The problem is solved.... for now. 


Problems that go away by themselves tend to come back by themselves.  I hope it's gone for a really long time...


At this point Apple mail can send to google on port 587.  *shakes head*



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