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problems sending email - what authentication is needed??

problems sending email - what authentication is needed??

Contributor hhbauer
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I was having intermittent AUTH errors trying to send e-mail from one of my accounts using Opera --- after YEARS of using the same e-mail client and e-mail address. An hour on the phone with Verizon "help" did not resolve the problem, the "technician" concluded that the problem had to be with my e-mail client


That amde no sense to me since the same e-mail client was sending e-mails successfully from my alternative e-mail address.


This forum has helped me fix the problem. I changed the AUTH from CRAM to AUTH PLAIN and can again send e-mails from that account.


I suspect Verizon fiddling with authentication protocolsds may also explain an issue that I couldn't comprehend a couple of days ago:


I was getting e-mail. Software updates were proceeding. Buut I was unable to reach ANY WEBSITE with ANY BROWSER (Opera, Firefox, Chrome)


on my desktop; my laptop using WiFi from my router; on my wife's desktop connected via house-wiring to the router.


Spent 2 hours trying everything, rebootings galore, including DSL internet direct to computer without router intermediate.


Since it affected all browsers, and 3 computers, I thought it might be the router. NO.


Only possibility left: Something with Verizon authentication; made plausible because months ago I stopped being able to send e-mail from {edited for privacy}, always getting "Authentication failed" message.


That realization worked, apparently: throuogh psychic connection to Verizon servers: after 2-plus hours; just as I was dialing Verizon "help", on my last re-boot of everything was OK, I can again access websites.


I have no idea what I could do, though, to fix that if it happens again, I don't know of authentication required to reach websites via browsers. My computer understanding is superficial only

Copper Contributor PMetz3
Copper Contributor
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Hello hhbauer: Re: "This forum has helped me fix the problem. I changed the AUTH from CRAM to AUTH PLAIN and can again send e-mails from that account."  Can you describe precisely how you made this change, please.  I'm having the "authentication required" problem that prevents me from sending emails from my Eudora client.  Maybe your fix will work for me.

Contributor allegmi
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I have the same problem. I have gone even further. I have contacted verizon tech support twise once before I reinstalled outlook 2010 and once after. i still have the same probvlem. This problem just started occurring a few weeks ago. Has anything changed at Verizon with their Servers security. I recently upgraded to the new DVR and got a new Wi FI modem/router. could that have something to do with it. I am really at a loss what to do.

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