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question about email

Contributor vuduwoman
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Can someone tell me why when I am trying to view my email inbox the list keeps scrolling (almost like it is floating) even though I am not scrolling with the mouse? Did I press something inadvertently and, if so, how do I undo this? Thanks.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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I may not totally understand what you are describing. However one thing you could try is using a different web browser to see if you get the same problem. For example if you are using Internet Explorer try using another problem such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (both are free programs). If the same problem happens on another web browser, then it is something to do with the Verizon website, if the problem does not duplicate then it is a problem with your web browser, in which case you could try resetting your web browswer or downloading the latest update. Hope this helps.
Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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This started happening to me a few months ago.  I worked with Verizon Tech Support, and the only workaround was to use Internet Explorer for my Verizon mail.  Smiley Mad It is not clear though if it's actually a Chrome problem or a Verizon problem, but clearly Verizon and Chrome combination is the cause.  


For completeness: I'm on a laptop with Vista Home Premium, not a smart phone or tablet.


 My description of the problem is that whenever any list in my email at  the Verizon website is longer than one screen, it automatically starts scrolling back to the top after I scroll down.  It doesn't matter what I have set as my limit for how many items constitutes a "page" since the lowest number there is 20 and my screen can only list up to about 15 or 18 - so my screen is always less than a full page.  Such a list may be my inbox, one of my email folders, or even my email Contacts list.  Say I've 26 contacts (one for each letter of the alphabet). When I view my Contacts, the screen is only big enough to display A through J.  If I use my mouse to drag the scroll button down, the list moves up appropriately as long as I continue scrolling down.  The second I stop actively scrolling down, the list starts automatically and slowly scrolling back up to the top.  I can never just stop and view, say,  H through Q, or any static list of contacts beyond the 1st screen. (I can re-sort in the opposite order, but then I just see the last 15.)


I have found that this only happens when I'm logged in to my Verizon email using Google Chrome.  

1) It doesn't happen with  Internet Explorer and Verizon email.

2) It doesn't happen with Chrome and other parts of the My Verizon site.

3) It doesn't happen with Chrome and other web email sites such as Yahoo or Hotmail.


So that doesn't really prove it's a Chrome problem, just that it might be.  And I don't believe it's a setting in Chrome since it doesn't happen with other long pages opened by Chrome.   I've only seen it with the combination of Verizon Email and Chrome.   


I have not found a solution, but to work around this, I don't let any list get longer than 30 which at least I can see all of by sorting down once, then sorting up.  As I go through my inbox, I delete or move each item to a folder.  When a list gets longer such as in a personal folder, I create a new folder (XyzFolder1, XyzFolder2...)  In Contacts, I use either the Grid View or the filter dropdown to see  contact grouped by the initial letter, 2 letters at a time instead of "All".


Smiley Frustrated

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
Posts: 29
Registered: ‎02-26-2013
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After reading some other messages having to do with user dissatisfaction with the Message Center format for Verizon email display, I saw a suggestion to use full screen (F11) to toggle back and forth between full-screen and full-function.  Going to full screen helps because now I can see up to 30 items at once in my Inbox.  Of course, being in full-screen mode has its own challenges -- no refresh, no back arrow, etc., so I have to toggle back for those, and this doesn't solve the problem, but at least it keeps the situation from arising so often.



Contributor ruppert29
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I found one solution for the list of emails scrolling. It was suggested by another. If you decrease the screen zoom to 75%, then the list of emails no longer scrolls.

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