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recovering deleted e-nail folders and files

recovering deleted e-nail folders and files

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Is there any way to recover e-mail Storage folders and their files that have been inadvertently deleted?

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I am sorry, but once deleted of the webserver there is no way to retrieve them. You might want to think about setting up a webclient on your computer that way you have your emails stored on our webserver and your computer.


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I think Anthony_VZ mistyped...

"...setting up a webclient on your computer..."


That should have been "...setting up an email client on your computer..."


For example;  Microsoft Outlook from the MS Office Suite.


This software will allow you to access your Verizon email account and bring all the email to your computer where you would have full control over the email messages. 


One of the apects is MS Outlook includes "Archive Folders".  Archive Folders exist on your computer as *.PST files and will store your messages in that PST file in a compressed file format (that means reduced storage space).  As a disk file, the *.PST file(s) can be copied to a Flash Drive, a DVDRW or a backup tape such that you have a BACKUP of your email.  In Outlook you can MOVE or COPY emails into these archive folders manually or automatically.


While you can't recover deleted emails from the Webmail server, you can take proactive steps from losing important email in the future.  Using an email client is the first step in being proactive in the prevention of lost emails.

The Lithium Software sux !!
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tThe area just below the above is gone......I try to blindly send messages...help


Second.....where can I store mail I want saved. Thank you

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Your hijacking another person's thread and what you did post doesn't make much sense.


Please create your OWN thread and fully explain your problem in detail in that post.


The Lithium Software sux !!
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