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verizon.net Email Sync Woes With Windows 10 & Android Lollipop Devices.

verizon.net Email Sync Woes With Windows 10 & Android Lollipop Devices.

Copper Contributor dexman
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I'm, once again, unable to sync my verizon.net Email account to my two Microsoft Surface devices, and, my Samsung Galaxy S4.


On my Surface Go and my Surface Laptop, when I add my verizon.net account to the stock Microsoft Email app (manually added to exact match the settings on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (which has no problems retrieving my verizon Emails) I receive an error message that says


"Something went wrong. We're having a problem downloading messages. Make sure you have a connection, and, your account info is correct, and then try again. 


Error code 0x80048830"


As noted, this error is being generated on two different Windows 10 devices.


On my retired Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, the account will not sync. As is the case with my Windows devices, I manually provisioned the Email account to match my SGS7E. I eventually gave up and added my verizon.net account to my S4's Gmail app and am able to retrieve Emails that way.


So, the question is, why won't my verizon.net Email account sync on my Windows and old Android devices? Is there some special provisioning trick required to get the verizon Email account to sync with the above devices?


At this time, I am unaware of any real workaround for this issue. Outlook.com will not accept POP3 accounts, so, adding my verizon Email account to Outlook isn't an option. The only way that I can check my verizon Email on my Windows devices is to 

log into AOL's website and enter the verizon Email address there.


It seems to me that this problem started to appear shortly after verizon migrated it's Email account over to AOL. A temporary fix was revealed, but, it stopped working shortly thereafter.

Copper Contributor dexman
Copper Contributor
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I rechecked the earlier workaround and tried to add the verizon.net Email account to my S4.


1) Make your username the same as the Email address.

2) Incoming Settings: pop.aol.com:995:1

3) Outgoing Settings: smtp.aol.com:465:1


So, for now, I can retrieve my verizon Emails on my Galaxy S4 using the stock Email app. Unfortunately, this procedure doesn't resolve the issue on my Windows 10 devices.

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Have you seen these?





QIP 7100 1,Bose SOLO,QIP 7216 P2, iPad 2 WiFi,iPhone SE
Copper Contributor dexman
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Thank you for the reply. I'm not sure that this is the fault of Microsoft in that my Samsung Galaxy S4 (running Lollipop) also stopped being able to check verizon.net Emails.


It was only by manually entering a custom configuration on the S4 was I able to get the device to retrieve those Emails.


We have two different and unrelated operating systems experiencing a similar problem. The only common element is Verizon. This began in earnest specifically after Verizon migrated Email over to AOL.


My feeling is that no fix for this issue is being worked on. I have no problems retrieving AOL Emails on my Microsoft devices....only verizon.net Emails.


I've resigned myself to the fact that the chances of this problem being resolved in a way that doesn't require users to custom configure their devices is very small.


Verizon.net Email addresses have been discontinued for a while now, so, how much effort will be expended by the company to rectify seemingly minor bugs?

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Gold Contributor V
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I'm sorry that you are having problems.

I can only tell you that with the below set up I have no problems sending or receiving with my Outlook.

Migrated successfully to AOL.

My PC Dell Latitude E6540

Windos 10 version 1803 up to date

Outlook 2013

Acct Type POP3

Incoming: pop.verizon.net

Outgoing (SMTP) smtp.verizon.net requires authentication

Use same settings as incoming

Incoming Server (POP3)    995

Server requires encrypted connection (SSL)

Outgoing Server (SMTP)    587

Use enccrypted connection type TLS



QIP 7100 1,Bose SOLO,QIP 7216 P2, iPad 2 WiFi,iPhone SE
Copper Contributor dexman
Copper Contributor
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I decided to give this issue one more try.


It looks like I have stumbled upon the correct settings. The thing is, the settings make no sense....


Using the Microsoft Email app, I did a default setup of my verizon.net account. I then changed the incoming settings to read as follows:




Outgoing settings were changed to:




I re-entered my password, did a re-sync...and...lo & behold....I was able to access my Verizon Email account. The first machine to do this was my Surface Laptop. I then added my verizon.net account to my Surface Go. Made the same corrections from the default setup and my Go can now see the Verizon Email account.


What doesn't make any sense is that the verizon.net Email account is set up as pop3 in my Android devices...but...it is set up as an imap account in my Surface devices. Also, the incoming port assignment seems wrong. Usually the required ports are 995 incoming and 465 outgoing.


Either way, for now, this seems to be working. I sent and recieved test Emails using my verizon.net account and both Surface devices responded appropriately


If this setup stops working, I will attempt to add the account to Outlook using the provided settings.

Contributor JMH49
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Starting on September 13 verizon.net account through AOL stopped syncing Outlook 2016 Inbox on two different laptops running Win10.  At exactly the same time, Outlook app on Samsung S6 began showing 2 Inboxes.  Level 3 Microsoft support states this is an AOL problem with hundreds of verizon.net accounts using Outlook IMAP clients affected.  AOL support refuses to acknowledge this is a systemic problem.  Apparently, "customer support" has become an oxymoron.  Verizon may no longer take responsibility for email support, but the cost of FIOS has not gone down.  Come on guys, admit it, fix it, or get out of the game.

Copper Contributor deilenberger
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This same thing is causing problems with IMAP and Thunderbird email client running under Windows10.  Thunderbird is no longer able to access "folders" on the AOL account. Trying to access them results in numerous error messages basically stating that AOL can't find the folders.  That is despite the folders being in the account and accessible via a web interface to AOL.


AOL - you just plain suck. Verizon - you just plain suck by sticking your customers with this email setup.


At this point - I'm moving all my accounts to Gmail - and setting up a forward for Verizon/AOL to send any incoming email to Gmail.

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