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I am switching to Verizon from AT&T and was really excited to be changing companies and looking forward to FIOS in the future.


However, I have experienced a complete 3 ring circus!


First they sent the equipment to the wrong address.  


The second time they sent the equipment, they told me someone named Hunter signed for it.  They insisted that I check with my neighbors and find Hunter. 


But, upon further investigation, this guy Hunter works in the Verizon warehouse and he neglected to send the equipment at all!


Now, I need the equipment re-sent and it can't be here in time for the installation appointment.


So I asked that the installation appointment be rescheduled so that I would have the equipment. 


The sales department and service department pointing fingers at each other and each claiming that they could not do something as simple as reschedule an installation appointment (with me on the line listening!!).


I have had my own business for over 16 years and am expanding to a new area, hence the new service, but I have never experienced something like this.  


The sales dept. actually told the service dept to check with her supervisor because she was wrong!  


Well, she did and turns out her supervisor backed her up.  Which may not be the same thing as being right!!!


In the end I still have no equipment and both the sales and the service departments were not able to re-schedule the installation.  


Their solution for me after the standoff with each other?


To have the technician come on the scheduled date and when they get there tell them I do not have any equipment and get them to reschedule the installation appointment!  


I have already printed new marketing with the new phone number or else I would cancel the entire thing and stay with AT&T.  


And I thought they were bad!  


I truly hope that I have not made a huge mistake, but it is looking like I just did.  


Next time I will read the company's forum before selecting their service!

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I'm sorry you are having difficulty. An agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information or to help you resolve your issue.

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