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This is a nightmare for a small business!

This is a nightmare for a small business!

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This was supposed to be easy for a small business, right?  Well... Google Apps signed up our existing domain that we have had for years WRONG!  Now after TEN days of no web site or domain based e-mail their solution is to get a new domain.  WHAT???  How about them fixing the domain?  They entered the domain as www.xxxxxxx.com instead of just xxxxxxxx.com.  Now we can't get anything to work because of the www..  For years we have been known by this domain, our business cards, letterhead, etc..  Their answer is 'get a new domain'?

We are beyond disgusted!  Have spent more time on the phone being transfered from department to department, everyone blaming each other, giving me 'string' after 'string' for or original web provider.  They have done everything Verizon and Google Apps has asked and still... ten days later... nothing.  Our business, from the internet, is completely down!

We have had it!  They have until tomorrow to fix this or we are finding someone else.  Enough is enough!

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Just a suggestion it should be as simple as going to the company you bought the domain from and doing a redirect then resign up for Google services with a sub domain , You could be up in running in about 3 hours


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I am in a similar situation and will start my own thread, but this "redirect" of domain stuff is way too complicated for most users.  The TV ad made it look so easy, but tech support at Verizon did not even know about this program.

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