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Verizon Outage Orange County

Verizon Outage Orange County

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We are located in Huntington Beach, California and have been without phone or T1 service since Sunday. Our business is dead in the water.  We also have web servers hosting multiple ecommerce sites over a separate T1 which has also been down, essentially destroying our business during our busiest time of year.


Is there anyone else in the area experiencing this outage?


We experienced heavy rain prior to the outage, then light rain afterward with no precipitation since Tuesday.  Verizon support continues to cite "severe weather" in our area ( an outright lie ) as the reason the LEC ( Local Exchange Carrier ) is not dispatching.


We have been calling every three hours from 8 am to 11 pm to simply get an ETA. One tech told us there are over 500 open tickets in the area, but only 5 techs available to work them.


It took over 72 hours, and multiple phone calls, to get Verizon to simply forward our primary number to an alternate number so that we could at the very least receive calls from our customers. The excuse for that was also 'severe weather', until an 11 pm phone call where it was pointed out that forwarding a number does not require a trip into the field, simply a tech actually making the modification in they system in a warm, cozy, safe office environment.


We were finally given an ETA yesterday of 6 pm today ( Christmas Day ) to visit and repair the 'box' that resides at street level, not within our business premises, only to again be told this morning that they are not dispatching due to 'severe weather'. We are still not experiencing any weather conditions in our area.


I have seen a few posts elsewhere about outages in the Sierras and other areas affected by snow and flooding, none of which applies, but for the most part what seems like a massive outage is remarkably under reported.


Verizon's response has been pitiful, excuse-laden, and infuriating with support people reading off from a list of excuses and still not providing any useful information. 



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Verizon Outage Update. After six days, how can any company in the data / Internet business not be able to provide an ETA to a business that relies on their service?


Ticket Update:




Requests for info on what 'city' the Orange County techs had to pull out to work were met with silence. "Uh, uh, uh, we don't know."


Dispatched to the city of LameSauce. Verizon, your merger with AT&T has made you truly the worst network on the planet.

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I have AT&T residential POTS, and Covad DSL on top of that, in Alhambra, CA.  It's been down since Dec 19, 2010.  Same thing though: claimed it would be repaired by Dec 25, 2010 at 7pm, which they did not meet.  Now I can't get a human on 611.

I can't check online (I get an error message from the AT&T website saying they can't retrieve my information).

I'm using a work-provided laptop with a broadband card in order to post this.



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Verizon Service Outage California:


Sunday December 26th, under sunny skies in Southern California, and still no ETA from Verizon on when their "LEC" ( Local Area Exchange ) will be dispatching for repair. No ETA whatsoever. Not even a "maybe sometime in spring of 2011".


Of interest is that every day last week when we made repeated calls asking for an ETA, Verizon reported that the LEC was ... Verizon. Suddenly, as of today, the LEC is AT&T. Aren't they one and the same?


Also, anyone having issues with Verizon's lack of service and excuses about the "California Emergency" should check their online ticket status. We found that Verizon has been adding false info to the ticket status, including three listings claiming "technician unable to access customer's premises" even though no technician has been dispatched.


The only reason we can imagine they would be adding false info to the ticket status is to cover their behinds when claims start for outage refunds per the SLA.


I have particularly enjoyed my frequent calls that are routed to Manila. The English skills of the phone support reps and even the supervisors rivals Dell's India call centers for the 'Least Understandable Phone Support Award' of 2010.


The best thing about the new year will be terminating business service with Verizon.


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Verizon California Outage and Excuses Continue


Monday, December 27th.


Verizon continues to make excuses about the local weather being a factor preventing them from sending a team.


Verizon ticket status updated on December 27, 2010 13:17 GMT.


Customer Ticket # or Description: none

- Circuit is still DOWN. This issue has been refered out to our field group for isolation/repair work. But due to bad weather conditions in your area, certain delays have prevented them from reaching your site. Further updates will follow.


I wish I was able to post a photo within this message board of the dangerous clear blue skies that have been preventing them from reaching our site for the last five days. Verizon's field repair union must employ vampires.


The bottom line is that Verizon / AT&T are milking last weeks storm for all it's worth, without ever explaining why a simple rainstorm ( not a hurricane, tornado, or monsoon ) would create such havoc within their system. I'm betting that the phone lines were up and running sooner after Katrina in New Orleans than they will be here in this disaster area we used to call "Huntington Beach" before the Great Rainstorm of '10 almost moistened us right off the map.

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Yeah, I asked for escalation, and asked to speak to a manager.  Manager claimed someone would be out by today at 4:54pm (which is obvious isn't going to happen).  Line went down altogether Saturday evening when the rain came, which I mentioned to the manager.

Today I walked to Carl's Jr. for lunch, two miles round trip, in short sleeve shirt.

BTW, the manager told me the commit dates he's giving out for people calling in problems on Dec 26, 2010 is Jan 10, 2011.


Meanwhile, a few days back I ordered u-verse 18Mbit down/1.5Mbit up.  That department seems to be an entirely different department.  They keep promising me a technician will come Wed, Dec 29th, between 2-4pm to do an install.  A u-verse rep even phoned today (very hard to hear because the POTS line is so full of static) to confirm the Wed appt.  I maybe heard every 5th word she said.


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   My business is based in Westminster, CA, and we have lost 5 circuits since Monday 12/20.  Those include our main PRI and 4 MPLS point-to-point circuits.  Like many others out there, this has really impacted our business.


   We are Telepacific customers, and their customer support has been great!  However, Verizon owns the 'last mile' and the issue is squarely on their shoulders.  So, even though I have nice friendly support staff (that speak english well), they are also just waiting for Verizon to get their act together and fix the **bleep** problems.


   What they are telling me is that there are 700,000+ customers offline right now.  This is not a small local issue.  I've heard from other businesses in other counties, and all are having major issues with T1, MPLS, PRI circuits.  I have no ETA, no recommendations, no assistance.  Things are pretty FUBAR.


   I also do not buy their story that 'severe weather' has caused all these problems.  While we did get a lot of rain, this was by no means a dangerous or problematic storm.  We have had lots of water on the streets before, and not had these issues.  They also keep telling me that they are just waiting for a Verizon tech to 'make it out to my address'.  For what?  To have that many customers out at the same time sounds more like a problem at a major node or substation.  I would be surprised if this was a 'wire in the street' issue...


   Finally, I have also heard that they are prioritizing emergency services, hospitals, police stations, fire stations, etc. first.  They have not yet gotten to the main business community.  <sigh>


   In the meantime, we are dreaming up every possible kind of work around to keep running.  Thank god for Time-Warner cable!  I've been able to reroute a lot of my services over the cable modems, and am now waiting for some static IP's to be assigned so I can route my email server back online.  Who knows how long this outage is going to last....


Good luck all,


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Tuesday. Still "down hard".


Today's excuse for no dispatch ETA is that "California is in a state of emergency". Someone should alert the media.


Or maybe the California Emergency Management Agency ( Cal EMA ) http://www.oes.ca.gov/ because they are unaware that there is an emergency in California. A call to their public information office indicated that temporary emegencies were declared in several counties due to the rain over a week ago.


Orange County Office of Emergency Services reports 'no known emergencies', no outages at Hospitals, Fire, or Police departments have been reported.


Wonder if the Communications Workers Union is currently renegotiating their contract and leveraging this outage.



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I'd encourage you both to do as I did and use http://www.turn.org  "File a complaint" link to file a complaint with the CPUC.

At least the attorney who runs TURN is physically closer to the CPUC than we are and an admistrative panel can hear the consolidated complaints from a person face-to-face.


As far as the media, they seem to be parroting what AT&T's spokesperson Debbie Rapoport and Verizon's John Davies is saying:


No hard-hitting questions are being asked, like maybe comparing how this region is free of snow and freezing rain yet seems to be suffering from a lot of last-mile outages.


By the way, this is district 9 of the Communication Workers of America, and they re-signed a 3 year contract in mid 2009.

"The settlement increases pay by about 9 percent over the contract term, including cost of living adjustments, and provides pension band increases of 2 percent in each year of the agreement, also with cost of living adjustments.

The health care plan provides for fully funded preventive care and company‑funded health reimbursement accounts that can be used toward any eligible health care expense, and a majority of workers won’t see any cost changes at all in their health care coverage.  The new agreement also includes new transfer rights for workers and provides additional employment security improvements. Improvements for prem techs include wage increases, employment security gains and new work rule protections."


Looking at those carrots, I'd say they'd be incentivized to provide the best service management will allocate.

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What a joke Verizon is! We've been without internet for over a week. We're practically out business! I'm just bewildered how a big company like Verizon can't get the internet working for a few local businesses.... excuses,  excuses, excuses! What it comes down to is they just don't really care!

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