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Advanced In Home Routing Issue

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Registered: ‎11-20-2010

Re: Advanced In Home Routing Issue

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Hey  Guys,


I read your thread and I was facing what i beleive was a similar issue.


In place, I have a REV2-E AT router. Coax BB connected.


It is also in NAPT mode in my Coax Broadband connection. (If i use plain routing mode, the LAN subnets will not route out through the WAN (clink1) interface (No internet) Smiley Mad


In the mix, I have a Vyatta router responsible for (2) additonal subnets connecting the AT router to the other LAN subnets.


Basic topology:



                                                                                                           (Vyatta eth1)               

                   (AT WAN)      (AT LAN)    (Vyatta eth0)                                |

                          |                       |                       |                             []-- Internal nodes [10.10.4.x]    

                          |                       |                       |                             |   

INET ------[72.x.x.x]-----[]----[]----------------|

                                                                                                        |   (Vyatta eth2)

                                                  |                                                     |             |

                                                  |                                                     [] -- Internal Nodes [10.10.5.x]                                                                         [10.10.3.x Lan nodes]                                             



Ok, So i was having the same exact issue with nodes on subnets that were not directly connected to the 10.10.3.x network.

They could route to the 3.x subnets and vice/versa, but could not get past the WAN interface.


While my routing was right, I just could not get my head around why the nodes on these other subnets couldnt get all the way out to the internet.


My orignal config was as follows:


Routes and Gateways:




    ( ----> Default GW=





     Default GW=



     Default GW=




     Route to GW

     Route to GW             


Now at this point all of the devices could reach eachother but could not see past the WAN interface on the router.

I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what the problem was.. Coming across your post, I had a revelation. The while the router knows how to route traffic, the firewall does not understand how to pass traffic to these subnets from the WAN interface, so it drops the packet coming inbound. (When pinging)


So I thought, theoretically; if I added an IP address from the 10.10.4x and 5x subnets to the connection, maybe the firewall would automatically add the appropriate access to these subnets and let the returning traffic pass.


So I also configured the following:


On the Network (Home/Office) connection I added additional IP addresses in each of the routed subnets.


As soon as i did, I felt the love... Full on internet traffic and resolution for all my internal networks! WOOOHOO!




Hope it helps.





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Gold Contributor VII
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Re: Advanced In Home Routing Issue

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Interesting ... so if I understand you correctly, you basically told the router that you wanted the LAN interface to hold IP addresses for the .4. and .5. subnets -- even though those networks are on the other side of the two routers and not directly connected.   Also assume you added routes to those two networks pointed at each router's .3. network interface on the LAN side?


Technically, that doesn't make sense, but if fools the router into activating the NAPT functions -- it'll do.


Can you perhaps give a quick step by step of what you added / where so everyone knows what you did to get it working.  I'm going to have to give this a try tonight when I get home -- I've been running my second router in NAT mode instead of as a router since the NAPT wasn't working.



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Re: Advanced In Home Routing Issue

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Thanks! This trick saved my day. Even though agree with Iasagna, it doesn't make sense at all. But who cares as long as it works!!!!
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Re: Advanced In Home Routing Issue

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This indeed fixed my issue as well.  Same exact thing.  Trying to run GNS3 on a machine.. Multiple subnets.  Found actiontec was throwing errors in the event logs (basically dropping my traffic at the router) -- Added .1 IPs for the various subnets I had in GNS3 and it fixed the issue.  Very strange indeed.



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Re: Advanced In Home Routing Issue

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Thanks for the info, Skipdog77.  Can you please tell us what and where you entered the settings?  I've been adding my vyatta gateway (, Netmask = under the "Advanced --> Routing" section of the Actiontec, but still no dice for me.

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Copper Contributor
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Re: Advanced In Home Routing Issue

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I'd also like and be grateful for some more information on how precisely to enter these settings.

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