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do I really need Quantum router?

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do I really need Quantum router?

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I am considering switching back to FIOS, Gigabit internet and Extreme HD TV package.  There is already an ONT in my basement from service a few years ago (Alcatel-Lucent I-211M-H  Nov 2010, has one MOCA, one 10/100/1000 Ethernet)


I want to refuse the Quantum because I have my own router. I also use Tivo with cableCard so I have no need for Verizon set top box or DVR.  I like to maintain as much independence as possible (makes switching easier.)


From what I can discern reading this forum and others, it seems I should not have any issues with Activation or the TV service, I just need to tell remind them to make sure my ONT is set for "Ethernet for data, COAX for TV." Am I missing anything?  Also, when refusing the Quantum, Verizon makes all kinds of excuses and makes me agree to a statement about speeds not being guaranteed.  I know that some neighbors who refused the Quantum are getting only 700mbps or so.  On the other hand, I know some who accepted the Quantum and are still only getting 700mbps (except when testing with Verizon sites/tools where suprise! it's 950mpbs.)  Can anyone confirm/deny, or provide additional technical insights as to why using a 3rd party router that is fully capable of gigabit WAN connection, would not provide that full level with FIOS? 

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Re: do I really need Quantum router?

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In your setup you will not need the Quantum router. If you get a gig the ONT ethernet port will be automatically provisioned. Just ask for a cable card and tell them you are using your own router. 

On the speed test sites, not all hosting servers are able accurately test a gig. I think a lot of the complaints you see on here are because of people's equipment and sites they are using. Keep in mind just because the computer has a gig ethernet card doesn't mean you will get a gig speed. Many factors come into play such as RAM, processors, and virus protection. 

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Re: do I really need Quantum router?

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Hey did you ever get this working? I have the exact same ONT and I'd like to upgrade my service, but it's unclear to me which ports on the ONT I should be plugging into. 


(Also funny enough my name is also bradley, I recognized the 'yeldarb' immediately because that's what I sometimes went by when I was a kid!) 

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Re: do I really need Quantum router?

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Yes it works great.  In fact while Verizon said a tech visit was required (but waived my "installation fee"), in reality I don't think this was true because the tech only called in to have my ONT reconfigured to provide internet on the ethernet port instead of the Coax.  I'm using a Ubiquiti Edgerouter X and get repeatable speed test results in the 850-900 mbps range which is completely satisfactory to me.  PLEASE NOTE I do no use Verizon set top box so I can't comment on that working or not.  I think you would need to take some extra measures (MOCA bridge etc) to make it work, at the very least.  I use Tivo and CableCard gets the coax signal, ethernet port on the Tivo gets the internet.   FIOS internet has been fantastic.  TV, well... I'm not a fan of any TV package at this point.   I only keep "cable" because I find managing a bunch of streaming subscriptions to be annoying.  I probably will eventually get rid of it, though (cut the cord) and just rely on streaming services.   May or may not keep Tivo, as it's becoming less useful.   Love my AppleTV.  You can probably guess, but if you're wondering why I don't want to have Verizon equipment like router and STB, it's to maintain as much independence as possible.   I like to be able to switch providers with minimal disruption to my existing home network and WiFi setup.  XFinity has been rolling out fiber in my area and if they'd waive the $500 "install fee" I might give that a test run.   As it stands, I get 900/900mbps up/down with FIOS, versus XFinity was about 450/35 for roughly the same price.

(BTW I had to re-register my account since my old previous customer account was deactivated by Verizon and they don't fee up the registered name apparently, I had to create a new name yeldarb2 before making this post.)

Hope this answers your question.    One other thing, the ONT battery is only connected to the phone part of the ONT, so if you don't have phone service, don't bother replacing the battery.  It will NOT provide power for your internet during an outage.


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