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Fios slow on Youtube

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Registered: ‎08-28-2013

Fios slow on Youtube

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Yes another disappointment with Fios, I am currently paying Fios 50/25 which I do get consistently.  But I can't watch youtube videos half the time because they wont load.  After trying all of the obvious solutions (updating flash,different browser, different computer ect.) I eventually contact Verizon and this is the answer I get;


"While I was running a test on the line I checked with a one of our network technicians and Im getting informed that there is a known issue where the Verizon and Google servers have reached maximum capacity and this is the reason why Youtube is experiencing this issues. We are already working to expand the capacity, but it is yet to be determined when this change will take effect."


Why am I paying so much if I can't even watch a Youtube video?  I can watch the video just fine if I hop on my neighbours Wifi (with permission) but when im connected to mine it wont even load.


Just thought I would put that out there.

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Registered: ‎08-28-2013

Re: Fios slow on Youtube

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It's been an ongoing problem with Verizon and You Tube.  Very frustrating to say the least.  I find that it happens more in the evening.

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Bronze Contributor II
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Re: Fios slow on Youtube

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It seemed to start around 2pm ET today. a test to NY shows dismal results.

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Re: Fios slow on Youtube

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Yep, me too.  


As a test, I watched 10 minutes of the NFL Network HD wireless on my Kindle using the MYFios app and watched 10 minutes of an old episode of Miami Vice on Netflix on the PC.  Both were perfect.


On YouTube, I put on a British Documentary at was able to watch five seconds after 10 minutes at 360p.

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Re: Fios slow on Youtube

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I love going to work every day and coming home to dial-up speed internet courtesy of fios.  


keep it up verizon.  i am not afraid to go back to time warner.

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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: Fios slow on Youtube

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The problem is with capacity constraints between Google and Verizon, with Google being the customer in this case (no free peering). Unless Verizon is messing with traffic, with there being little actual evidence to go by for this to be even proven true, Google needs to up the amount of capacity they have between Verizon and the Google network where it is needed the most. Notably, in New York City and in Virginia where Google and Verizon's networks meet.


As a workaround, you can try some other DNS Servers to pull a different set of cache servers, but there's a good chance this may not work. Also, if you have access to a quick VPN, this will serve as a great workaround. Just consider this, though. Google generates 40% of the world's known Internet traffic. The amount of data they are pushing is huge. They, like any other provider can do so much, but business decisions often get in the way of technical decisions.

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Re: Fios slow on Youtube

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Most ISP (Internet Service Providers) has YouTube Cache servers, works kind of like Branch Cache.  If you’re not a techie.  Its purpose is this.   A popular music video is out, most likely hosted somewhere in CA on a YouTube server.  Each and every time someone watches it, streams all the way to your internet service provider then to your computer.


What the YouTube Cache server does, videos that are popular get cached (copied) to cache server.  The internet service provider no longer needs to pay for the bandwidth usage to obtain the file. Now that it’s on their network they may provide it to you free of charge (for the internet service provider).


The issue is that the Verizon Cache server in our area cannot handle the load of all the subscribers.   There is no “YouTube throttling” going on. The server needs to be upgraded, this has happened several times.

Fire up YouTube pick a video that has a ton of views, in the millions.  Then watch a new video with only a couple thousand views, you'll see a diffrence on speed.


The cache server is not required for the internet service provider to provide YouTube to you. Its only purpose is to save Verizon money on bandwidth fees.   Simply turning it off would address the issue.


If you perform research you’ll see suggestions to modify firewall or router settings to block I.P address ranges of known Google Cache servers so you may watch the content directly, unimpeded by Verizon. Sadly most of these do not work. If you tracerroute youtube you'll see the I.P address change often for the cache server, to prevent users from doing this. Again to save Verizon money.


If you have RDP or VPN access to a work computer on another internet service provider, connect and watch YouTube on that. It is the only work around until they address the issue.  The last time this happened last year it was on going for 4-5 months.   Turning off or upgrading to correct the issue would cost Verizon money. It won't be fixed soon.


Thankfully I’m moving in two months I have the option of cable or Verizon.  I will not be going with Verizon again.

If you feel there’s any doubt to this, perform some research. Deletion of my post will be evident of the real truth behind this post.


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