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How many posts does it take to fix an issue???!!!!!!!!!

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Registered: ‎03-11-2015

How many posts does it take to fix an issue???!!!!!!!!!

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I'm just wondering here. Obviously, Verizon has on and off problems with their network. I recently have been researching the issue of ridiculously slow speeds, since mine begun being reduced by about 95% of the speed I'm paying for.


It seems that the issue goes back to 2013 if not earlier and the problem is still on going. From what I have been reading it seems verizon is greedy and refuses to upgrade their network and other equipment to support the amount of demand. And have "oversold/oversubscribed" the amount of users they can handle on fios.


The "peak" times obviously when ever needs or wants to use the internet speeds are to such a crawl that its basically unusable. And by the time speeds finally return to "normal" its passed the time you planned on being online.

So, if you want to use the internet and actually get usable speeds, you have to use the internet between "non-business hours" between 1130pm and 6am to actually get speeds. Because why on earth would you want to use the internet during normal business hours?!


I'm sure verizon rakes in enough money to fix the problem. Yet its still broken. So, I'm curious how many more "customers" that verizon supposedly "cares about so much". That they completely ignore the problem exists and won't provide any details when it will be fixed.


Its like me telling my boss I can only make it to work during certain hours cuz traffic is so bad, I cant make it to work any other time.


Luckily for me I am not limited to just verizon where I am. Unlike some other unfortunate customers. I don't want to get rid of verizon. But, if this isn't fixed soon. I guess its time to look elsewhere, because maybe they just don't care anymore.


My question to those reading this. How many more posts do you think it will take for the issue to really be fixed? 100??

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Re: How many posts does it take to fix an issue???!!!!!!!!!

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 I've been having this same issue for the past 3 months now, here in Redlands. Between 7-11 my speed goes from 75/75 down to 3-4 mbps download, while upload remains the same.. Still no progress

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Re: How many posts does it take to fix an issue???!!!!!!!!!

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I agree with you. I have noticed the same thing for a good while now with slowed down periods on the network. I even noticed during the non-peak times and made me think the system was that way because system maintenance or upgrade was going on.


I can only think they have higher priorities and lack the care for responding to the problems with the network and funtionality of the web site, since it seems from the various posts in the forum, there are many different kinds of problems. I know I have contacted customer service/support so many times I can't even count, given trouble tickets and promises that have not been fulfilled.


Also, I have noticed that the moderators who have posted here have hardly posted any solutions and have just said someone will get back to you or send you to a link that says that the problem is known and is being worked on. It seems to me some contributors, including myself, have posted more solutions and workarounds that help others get past a few of the problems.

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Copper Contributor
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Re: How many posts does it take to fix an issue???!!!!!!!!!

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This is a trick question. It will never be fixed. You'll be mailed a new router and technician can come out during the middle of the day when everyone is at work but they will never be able to fix this.

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Re: How many posts does it take to fix an issue???!!!!!!!!!

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@takesurmoney wrote:

My question to those reading this. How many more posts do you think it will take for the issue to really be fixed? 100??

You need to know that this isn't a support forum.  It was created by Verizon as a place for customers to help each other.  You can post all you want, but Verizon doesn't respond to issues here.  If you want to get a message to Verizon you need to call or chat with them.


Occasionally, the Verizon moderators will escalate specific customer issues to their support team, but I wouldn't count on any posts here resulting in any action from Verizon.  Note that the strongest message you can send Verizon is to send them less or zero money as a result of downgrading or canceling your service.


Now, if you'd like help from other users post some details.  There are a bunch of helpful people lurking here just waiting to jump in.  But you have to give us a real issue and not a complaint about Verizon.


Good Luck.


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Registered: ‎03-11-2015

Re: How many posts does it take to fix an issue???!!!!!!!!!

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I agree with you. Maybe I am complaining a little bit about verizon's service. I even wanted hold off posting to a community thread knowing not much if anything will be done from posting. Maybe it was just hoping it was a minor glitch in their system and the issue would be fixed in a few days at the most.


But, when it started affecting me, I did my research. I started with chatting with a tech online and all they basically did was restart my router and few times and then finally agree to send a tech out to look at the problem. The tech spent maybe an hour checking equipment and connections which I knew were fine. And then just says "its a known issue and were working to resolve it. We have a conference call regarding the issue tomorrow." the tech provided his card to call for any updates and then left.


It obvious its an internal issue with verizon and are either taking their sweet time to fix or have no idea how to fix the issue if there is a fix. Sure, I can happily work with members of the community to try and resolve my issue. I could provide all the tracerts and logs and speed tests and reboot my router and ont all day. But, in the end it only fixes the issue temporary if your lucky and only for an hour or so.


I also agree with the fact to affect a business such as verizon, you have to leave and take your money elsewhere. and if enough people that maybe they would fix the actual issue. i dont have much faith in their customer service or techs with actually being able to help, other than to reboot your equipment and say its a known issue.



Unfortunately, for most people verizon is their only choice for high speed internet. so, people are stuck or if they did leave they may not get the same speeds. But, right now paying for 75/75, 150/150 etc and only getting maybe 5mbs is crazy!


But, i am willing to have some patience to see what happens. although, searching the issue doesn't seem promising with people having the problem for years now.


Please understand that one of the main reasons i posted here is to see from a community stand point how many calls and complaints verizon will  take before they actually fix the issue. because people need to remember; if we stand together as a comminity and make our voice be heard...maybe...just maybe the issue will be addressed.


it seems basically anyone with verizon is having severely sluggish download speeds. So, I’m thinking if enough people made their voices heard something will be done. or nothing will change and hopefully there are other isps to switch to.


For those lucky enough, google fiber is slowly expanding and will hopefully be across most of the us soon!


Thanks for your time and input.


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Re: How many posts does it take to fix an issue???!!!!!!!!!

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PLease give a hint of what area of the country you are in.  E.g. several recent similar threads were in NoVa.  Reportedly some progress to fix it there, but not totally fixed.  Remember most of us are peers and have no idea where you are.


And to the OP and others, how many posts does it take to fix an issue.  None, you shouldn't be reporting problems here expecting Verizon to fix them.  You need to contact them.  Each person individually, so they get the hint that something is wrong.  Since the forums are meant to be peer to peer Verizon rarely will take action based upon things reported here.

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