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Intermittent Wireless Internet

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Registered: ‎12-09-2008

Intermittent Wireless Internet

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Bozos was installed Nov 19th 2008. Six techs have been to my 1bdrm apartment. The MDU, has been changed, the router,  VDSL and the coax cable checked. They say it's all working but the wireless drops. I believe we've tried every channel. The tech  experimented with 11, 9, and it droped on him.  I tried 2, 3, 6, 7, and currently on 4, A tech from  verizon central optimized the second router, we are now on router 3 and I still have the same issue.   Today the tech told me there was a I was a frequency problem from somewhere in the complex causing the intermittent wireless.  The iphone drops, mac and the vista computers. I didn't have a problem with DSL, only since the new Actiontech was installed. I tried to piggy back the router with a Belkin, it worked for a bit but it's connection dropped.  Is there a solution? Hopefully not Comcast they want $200.00 to get their service.I don't want to pay for a service that can't wireless 25 ft, 10, 5,  2 or 1.

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: Intermittent Wireless Internet

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From your description of your problem and the things done to troubleshoot it, it does not sound like you have a FIOS problem at all.  If your DSL used to work for both wired and wireless connections your current FIOS router works for WIRED connections, then it is not FIOS.  It could be the wireless part of the FIOS router, but you say your Belkin wireless also has dropped signal.  The signal is transmitted by the router and not FIOS.


I had a problem with my actiontec router not issuing IP addresses to my wired connections and stopped using it a year ago.  I used a Linksys router instead and have had no issues.  I just got FIOS TV and had to use the actiontec again for multi room and guide info.  They gave me the newest actiontec router.  But I turned off the actiontec wireless and made my Linksys my wireless access point that gets IP addresses from the actiontec.  It was pretty simple to get going though that could be because I am not a novice.


If you are saying that your wireless signal drops on the actiontec AND on the belkin wireless router, then that is definitely not a FIOS problem.  Frequency interference is a very plausible cause for you losing wireless signal.  A local business could have recently started using a wireless comm system that interferes.  Just because you didn't have the problem before does not mean interference is not the cause now.  Be cautious before you make a drastic move like going to Comcast since their wireless router uses the exact same frequencies.  AH HA!  If you are up to the expense, you could try using an 802.11a router (N) that uses 5 Ghz vs 2.4Ghz that 802.11b and g use.  They can get interference from wireless home phones, microwaves, etc.  You will need both an N router and N cards for your computers/laptops connecting wireless.


Besides, cable internet via Comcast blows in general so please don't ever consider going back to them for any reason.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Re: Intermittent Wireless Internet

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I don't care how bad people say comcast and other services suck.. anything is better than the wireless performance I get from Verizon. I've tried everything and even got rid of our 2.4 Ghz cordless phones - it still drops a few times every day. I've complained to Verizon countless times and the best they could do for me is replace the {please keep your posts courteous}  Actiontec router with a new Actiontec router. It works just the same... terrible.
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Bronze Contributor I
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Re: Intermittent Wireless Internet

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'MickeyB' sumarized the problem pretty well, but you seem to pay no attention to it.  There are only a few possible reasons for wireless connect problems.  Such as a weak wireless router, a poor wireless network card and last and most common, interference.   The Network provider regardless if it is FIOS, Comcast, Optimum, or BillyBob is NOT the problem.  Since you live in an apartment the possibilities of interference are far greater then if you lived in a private home.   Phones along with wireless speakers, microwaves, light fixtures, etc. in an apartment next, above or below you could easily be the culprit and you have no control over them.  You could try MickeyB's suggestion of an 'N' Router/Card or you could try relocating the router and see if that helps.  
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