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Is FIOS throttling PS3

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Is FIOS throttling PS3

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Hi all,
  I maybe being throttled by version on my PS3. I use to get 20 to 25 down and 8 to 5 up using a alternate DNS. Most of the time now I can only get 7 to 9 down and 2 to 3 up. I have the PS3 as a static IP and port forwarding rules in place. Quality of service is also configured for PS3 best connection. I’ve DMZ and reapplied port rules and changed IP which will last until I restart PS3.
  I’ve also noticed PS3 quality compared to PC. You can see the higher ping rates when searching for a test server on the PS3. Always get B rating on PS3 with 9 to 12 jitter. I have no jitter with PC and gets an A rating.
  I always see an Akamai IP address communicating through PC, PS3 and router after I setup or change. They are known to be throttling algorithm service.
  I did have an issue where they sent me a new router when I was only getting 4 down  and 1 up.
  Please list what you get of 3 or more results from network test from the PS3 tool under network settings and your FIOS internet service is. I have the 25/25 service. You can also add the results.
  They all say they don’t throttle but I’m seeing different.

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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: Is FIOS throttling PS3

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How is the PS3 connected to the network? If PCs are not seeing issues but the PS3 is, I think you're bumping heads with the shoddy PS3 Speed Testing servers, and of course, Adobe Flash which is by no means optimized to run very well on a PS3 for full blown applications like and (doesn't that need Java? Didn't know PS3s had Java on them for that to work).


Either way, do a test by downloading something large from PSN, and measuring the download time based on file size and expected speed. Do this on a Wired connection, not a Wireless connection as I've seen PS3s struggle to get more than 12Mbps out of Wireless. Also, Akamai is a Content Distribution Network. If they throttled, that'd be against their own business of locating servers near to people in order to distribute load and latency for fast file delivery!

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Copper Contributor
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Re: Is FIOS throttling PS3

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I'm having the same problem. I'm wired in to my Actiontec Rev E router, which is my third provided router from Verizon. I've really had this issue for the better part of the past 10 months. I've went from 15/5 to 25/25 to 50/20 with Verizon to try to improve my PS3 speeds and nothing works consistently. Now I'm back to 15/5 because even with 50/20 I still get single digit speeds on the PS3 network settings connection test. My laptop speeds are essentially always great.


I've tried assigning my PS3 a static IP address and putting that IP into DMZ Hosting on the Actiontec but that doesn't seem to help. Again I only use a wired connection. I only play FIFA and the online gaming is just intolerable with slow speeds and lagging. It's impossible to win a game when the speed slows down. When I take my PS3 to friends' houses with Comcast or brighthouse, it works perfectly fine. Very frustrating. I've used 5 different ethernet cords, power cycled the modem, everything. Nothing works.


I live in a large apartment complex that's only wired for Verizon. The units are wired via coax so I even went to the clubhouse downstairs which is wired wia ethernet out the wall and tried my ps3 there and it was the same issue. I'm lost.

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Re: Is FIOS throttling PS3

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wow I am not the only one, I have the 25/25 service and using PS3 wireless is very low, I should be getting atleast 15/10


the router is not far, I get 100% strong wireless signal. However all I get is exactly the low numbers shown here, I got


the ps3 setup static IP, under DMZ, ports rules, QOS etc. I think though that only DMZ matters the most, I get Nat 2, etc


I play games fine.  The issue is the downloading, It shouldn't be below 10mbps if I am under a 25/25 service contract,


I got a feeling the PS3 has issues with this FIOS router MW424 whatever it is, I used to have a  Netgear router and


I got way better downloading speeds.

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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: Is FIOS throttling PS3

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albainia, if you still have that netgear, then hook it up to the fios, put IT into the dmz instead of your ps3, and then connect your ps3 back to the netgear, and then try it.  


your netgear in the actiontec's dmz will let it control all the forwarding and throttling like it did in the past, and it's already configured for your ps3, so it should be a quick set up.     

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Re: Is FIOS throttling PS3

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I know this post is a few years old. But i was wondering if anyone has found a solution to the psn speeds. I have 50/25 speeds on computers and mobile devices get close. But my ps3 and my ps4 estimate my speeds on hardwire at roughly 12/2. I have tried every setting with port forwarding and dmz host and still have the same speed. Now there is a speedtest on movies in psn store to determine if hd quality download is acceptable. On that test i get 56Mbps download. I wonder what is different from the 2 speedtest on psn? I used on my psn browser and it pulled a 24/10 connection hitting a miami server. My conclusion is that verizon fios is not throttling, but sony themselves may be throttling fios customers because our speeds are much higher than most of the country. 

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