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Lossing Wireless Connection Intermittently

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Lossing Wireless Connection Intermittently

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Recently switched to FIOS TP. I use to have DSL Connection and had no issues with my wireless. I am using the same laptop and got connected to the new wireless router (Actiontec) supplied by VZ. Since the switch, I haven't had a continuous hour of connection on my laptop.  The wired connection is fine. The problem is only with wireless connection.  I tried calling VZ Cust Servc but for no use other than saying that VZ supports only Wired Connection and cannot guarantee Wireless.  Cust Srvc recommended moving the router, resetting to factory settings, changing channel.  Nothing worked out.  I am getting frustrated and started repenting why I made the move.  As read in some of the postings on this Forum the supplied remote controls causing this problem? or the router which was supplied is not functioning well?


I Need immediate attention and help.

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Gold Contributor V
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Re: Lossing Wireless Connection Intermittently

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What kind of router did you use with DSL? Do you still have it?


Error exists between keyboard and chair.
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Re: Lossing Wireless Connection Intermittently

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Good Evening,


I am sorry to hear of all the issues.


How far is the Router from Laptop if it more the 10ft and Not in line of site you are going to get the same run around you have been getting

-->If you trying to use beyond that range Please do try changing the router Wireless channel to 11

default  user admin   Password: password1

Wireless setting

network security

change wireless channel from automatic to 11


-->If still dropping you may have consider piggy backing you dsl router which may have better wireless capability

-->there are other options but that might cost you there is upgrade for the actiontech antenna..  

you will have check with Radio shack  ask for reverse polarity SMA Anttenna and it needs to be over 7DB becuase that is what you have right now


Sorry I wish I had good news but I really hope this work..


As for the Remotes not working for you Check you STB's  (Cable boxes) verify if they are the 7XXX series.. if they are the Hight Vibrant colors have been causing interference with IR receiver on the STB,  we have IR extender that you will have call and ask for or you can try moving the STB's await from the TV


have a good day

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Re: Lossing Wireless Connection Intermittently

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I have the exact same problem, and I do mean "exactly the same". The same situation, recently switched to FIOS from DSL; did not have problem with the wireless connections with both of my laptops before with DSL; with FIOS, after about five minutes, FIOS would be disconnected wirelessly; I have the same router also. This must be a problem with Verizon's setup. I am already sorry that I switched. DSL was not as fast, however, it was a whole lot more reliable.
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Re: Lossing Wireless Connection Intermittently

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Thanks for your post.  My router is in my 1st level and I am trying to access from 2nd level in my house.  I used to do the same with my VZ DSL router.  I didn't had problems with DSL.  I tried changing channel to 11.  I will try again.  I also have Westell  DSL router. As you said, I might try that to piggy back the broadband router.


BTW I wasn't having issues with my remotes.  I was thinking if those STB remotes could be culprits.


ANYWAY thanks for your post.

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Copper Contributor
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Re: Lossing Wireless Connection Intermittently

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I had dropout problems using the WPA security protocol which had worked fine with my older Linksys router.  Switching to WEP which is not as secure, but recommended by Verizon fixed the problem.   With WPA I believe a new password is negotiated every 3 minutes.  This causes dropping for about 20 secs.  Look at the connect icon on the lower right hand part of the task bar.
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