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Misled when setting up service.

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Registered: ‎06-29-2013

Misled when setting up service.

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I was told by the rep on the phone when I set up service that 1. the 200.00 dollar termination fee is prorated over time and 2.  that if I had to terminate my service due to a move and that new area to which I am moving did not have access to fios, then the termination fee would be waived.  The supervisor, Brian, told me today that this is not true and that the terms of the contract are given to me in a recorded message before service is initiated. Nevertheless, I believed that what I was told by the rep on the phone was true.   Brian refused pull my recorded telephone messages.  He would, however, pull the message of the recording verifying the details of my contract which is useless because this is not where this topic was discussed.  I feel I was mislead by the original rep I spoke with when I ordered service and believed at the time that what I was told over the phone was true.  Nothing was done to try and resolve this issue.  Now I am stuck paying 200.00 dollars and I am responsible for entering into a contract with misleading information.  This is an unsatisfactory customer service experience for me, at a time when I really do not need this.  I am an RN who is moving to take care of an ill mother.  I think this is wrong that you do not do the right thing when people are mislead over the phone.  You have lost a customer.  Your service is not a good value for me, especially when the customer service is lacking and you do not stand behind what your rep told me over the phone.

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Re: Misled when setting up service.

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I understand what you are going through.  I have been a verizon customer for over 5 years and have had NUMEROUS problems with the account, etc.  When calling, they misrepresented the information.  I was told I would NOT be contractually obligated and now that I want to cancel, they tell me I am contractually obligated regardless of what was said on the phone conversation. I have until December and then I'm OUT!  I recommend anyone using Verizon to tred carefully!  They will say what ever they have to say to get you into a contract without your knowledge!

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Copper Contributor
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Re: Misled when setting up service.

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I am so sorry to hear about your situation. It is totally not right and not fair. I am a newly wronged Verizon customer, and the Customer Service has been a nightmare for me as well.


Thank you for sharing your story here. It is very important that people speak up about their experiences, both positive and negative. Have you heard about the United Breaks Guitars story? That is what happens when one person stands-up and details their experience with the world (albeit in a more popular forum than Verizon Forums, but still).



Hopefully, Verizon will take some sort of remedial action with your case. If not, maybe they will change their policies, or better train their service reps, or hold more employees accountable when they make mistakes. If none of that, maybe people will be turned off of Verizon and choose to get their needs met elsewhere, perhaps by a company that lies less and treats customers better.

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