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Netflix streaming

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Registered: ‎02-22-2014

Netflix streaming

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Going out of my scull trying to find the right place for my complaint which I've seen mirrored in a couple of posts. A couple of months ago streaming netflix programs became slower, buffered more times at lower quality. Today, It buffers almost every 5 mins and I get 50% quality at most and this is very pixelated. The other day it took me 1.5 hrs to watch a 42 min show. I do a lot of streaming and this has become untenable. Trying to find the proper outlet to get this problem resolved. Any assistance is appreciated.

Platinum Contributor I Platinum Contributor I
Platinum Contributor I
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Re: Netflix streaming

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Welcome to the forums.  These are primarily a peer-to-peer place.  Verizon moderators sometimes escalate specific customer issues to support, however that is only for issues that can be resolved through typical support channels.


Strategic issues such as Netflix streaming or "when will FiOS come to my house" aren't something that will get any attention from Verizon here.  In short, you singing to the choir.


If this is such an important issue for you, you may want to vote with your wallet and find an ISP who gives you what you expect.


Good Luck.


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Registered: ‎02-22-2014

Re: Netflix streaming

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Thanks for the reply. Apparently there is a bigger issue here than I was aware of given your "strategic" reference. Apparently there is some issue between Netflix and Verizon. If, in fact, that is the case, I will chose Netflix and go back to another provider (I haven't had this problem with any other provider).

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: Netflix streaming

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I have to agree that Verizon is not interested in providing it's customers with a "clear pipe" due to the politics of data sharing or wheatever term they want to call it.  In short, a VOL customer selects a speed package for their ISP such as FIOS 50/35 and then subscribes to Netflix.  This customer is told, "you have a fiber connection that will stream or download data at about 50 mbps, uploading will be about 35 mbps and it's unlimited". Okay great.


Now at peaking times of the week for Netflix viewing, the entire Netflix process is slowed down to about 3.5 mbps, according to Netflix tech support. So, at about 8 PM on a Friday tis VOL customer is expecting their 50 mbps connection to function because that's what VOL told them, so they bought Netflix, yet the streaming and loading of Netflix webpages don't function at those speeds. What's the problem? Who's at fault? How do we get this fixed?


The customer has both Fios and Netflix accounts in good standing and made calls to both complaining of the slow down in service during peak viewing times. Verizon points the finger at Netflix and Netflix says, no, it's Verizon. Not only that, Netflix says they have, for no charge, equipment they will supply to Verizon to by-pass the bottleneck that occurs however Netflix says Verizon refusses that option because "That equipment uses electric power to function, who pays for that?".


Also, keep in mind, VOL offers "Redbox" which is in direct competition with Netflix. This story sounds to be true because it is to Verizons advantage to hold ransom it's customers until someone pays them to push the needed data through their or their partners Cogent, network system. Keeping in mind, FIOS or fiber optic cable, has virtually unlimited capabilities so, it appears their partners in networking are in opposition to pay Verizon the money they want because the sharing of data is uneven. It's more complicated but in short, as long as both partners send and receive the same amounts of data, they call it even. If not, the one who passes more data than the other is being told to pay extra.


The customer still has the right to their connection speeds though, regardless of the total impact that Netflix is giving their networks. It appears Verizon actually identifies the Netflix traffic and configures their servers, routers, switches etc to slow down the Netflix only traffic. I would think this isn't part of the agreement with their ISP customers who are paying for "DATA" regardless of where it is coming from.


This might be a great reason why ISP's shouldn't be allowed to offer any other type of service, just bandwidth to it's customer base. This would eliminate the idea slowing down a competitors service in hopes to get added money from the middle men, Cogent, along the network paths or increase subscribers to "Redbox".   


What this really boils down to is, Verizon is misleading it's ISP customers by selecting specific data streams and slowing it down without telling their customer. I'm rather sure that is not right. Regardless of who is actually do this, VOL or their partners in networking, the customer is entitled to their provisioned speeds. If this were someother speed problem other than Netflix, VOL tech support would be working toward a fix or solution to restore their ISP customer to the acceptable 50/35 speeds they are supposed to get.!AGI29

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Registered: ‎02-19-2014

Re: Netflix streaming

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Fight back if you're not happy.  Sgin this petition and let Verizon know you're unhappy.



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Registered: ‎04-24-2014

Re: Netflix streaming

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Verizon needs to fix this ASAP! Terrible quality for netflix streaming past few months, it's slow and still pixelatd every time. I pay > $150 per month and netflix subscription for over 6 years... For this terrible service???
If it doesn't improve, I'm going back to Comcast
Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Try the BBB - this is the response I got to my complaint:

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Complaint ID#: 349618
Business Name: Verizon Communications

Thank you for contacting BBB. Your complaint was received by BBB on April 24, 2014 and has been assigned case# 349618in our files. Please make a note of this number for future reference.

Your complaint has been applied to the following business:
Verizon Communications
P.O. Box 9688
Mission Hills, CA 91346

The case has been reviewed and has now been forwarded to the business for their response. This business has until May 9, 2014 to respond to your complaint. You may contact our office after May 9, 2014 to check the status of your complaint. 

- - - - - - - 


You can lodge your own complaint at  The process is a bit tedious (lots of boxes to check) but it does work.  They give you a choice of Verizon locations to pick where they will send your complaint; I picked the one closest to me.

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Registered: ‎03-30-2013

Re: Netflix streaming

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I also have very poor Netflix streaming (drops to under 2 mps during playback).   My ethernet connected is operating at 80 mps download and upload, and I paid for the new Actiontec router Verizon is tauting.   This is unacceptable consumer abuse!!!!  Verizon and Netwlix need to get their act together.   


An irate customer,  Dr. Why

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Registered: ‎08-14-2014

Re: Netflix streaming

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I am fed up with the quality of streaming.  I understand that NetFlix bogarts the pipe, but thats not my problem and I should not be made to suffer for it.  They need to take it on the chin until they work things out, not pass the problem down to the customer.  If you pass the problem to the customer, you will lose the customer, plain and simple.  So Verizon chooses to pass the problem down to us, and now we are checking out ComCast and BrightHouse to see what those pipes are like.  Irregardless....Im getting to NetFlix...with or without you Verizon.  Inspect that packet 🙂

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Registered: ‎12-28-2013

Re: Netflix streaming

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I am sending out my BBB complaint the second I get home.  Verizon is charging for service they are clearly not providing.  Whatever their reasons are I dont really care.

You will be releasing me from my contract for failure to uphold it on your end not mine.  I suggest everyone else do the same thing.


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