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Sick of your crap FiOS -- Stop blaming everyone else and fix my **bleep** problem.

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: Sick of your crap FiOS -- Stop blaming everyone else and fix my **bleep** problem.

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So, somegirl, let's make this even more ridiculous.


You asked that I contact Verizon and that I should have no problems getting them to fix our issue so that's what I did.


First I went to chat support and spoke with representative Tiffany and then immediately after, called and spoke with rep Jose.


Both representatives wouldn't even look at any information I submitted to them about our problem including basic network diagnostic reports like WinMRT trace reports because apparently, there is a belief that a program that is opensource is something I am using and submitting a screenshot of through IMGUR is going to be the thing i'm using to hack and bring down Verizon through a user-facing Customer Service Rep.


Further, Jose, who I spoke to starting at 11pm at night opened a repair ticket for me at 12:30am past midnight.


I emphasized to both Jose and Tiffany that this is an issue that OCCURS DURING PRIMETIME. So even being generous, this gives them a 6 hour window from 6pm to midnight to investigate the issue.


Instead, what happens is my ticket is opened at 12:30am and then closed and marked as "fixed" at 10am this morning.


Somehow, a ticket indicating a problem that occurs ONLY DURING PRIMETIME was miraculously investigated and fixed between the hours of 12:30am and 10am. Please, i'd love to know, somegirl. How many primetimes happen between 12:30am early Saturday and 10am that same Saturday? Because if it's more than 0, Verizon technicians have the secret of time travel and fixed my primetime issue in a time frame where it would be temporally impossible for primetime to have occurred.

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: Sick of your crap FiOS -- Stop blaming everyone else and fix my **bleep** problem.

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Welp it's official.


When one individual is having a problem and Verizon can't handle it, they ignore it.


When several people band together in the only way they know how on the forums, Verizon STILL ignores it.


Bottom line?  Verizon doesn't care.


I'm done.  I can't play the game anymore and Verizon doesn't care so I'm done with it. 

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎01-05-2012

Re: Sick of your crap FiOS -- Stop blaming everyone else and fix my **bleep** problem.

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Your only options are to play with a VPN, cancel your FFXIV sub, or cancel your FIOS sub.


Since i'm representing over a hundred users up and down the east coast chosen to attempt to bring this issue to light, I can't, in good faith, ask all of them to pay for a VPN just to play one game. Since no one on these forums or at the direct support on dslreports or at Verizon tech support will recognize the issue, i've gone ahead and recommended that the best course of action is to CANCEL THEIR VERIZON FIOS SUBSCRIPTION.


There is no reason Square Enix should lose your business based on Verizon's continued incompetency.


As Verizon has breached their contract in providing you service and has failed to even attempt to offer a resolution in good faith, it's up to you whether you wish to attempt to fight the early termination fee.

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Registered: ‎06-24-2015

Re: Sick of your crap FiOS -- Stop blaming everyone else and fix my **bleep** problem.

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I will be leaving FiOS and I will not be paying an early termination fee as they failed to fulfill their end of the contract.


There inept techs now tell me the problem is my router, yet cannot explain how if it was my router, why when I run WinMTR with my VPN running there is zero issue.

FiOS is a joke. Cox, I cannot wait to come back to you.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Re: Sick of your crap FiOS -- Stop blaming everyone else and fix my **bleep** problem.

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I had my fair share of issues with Verizon, but as inept as they are they are still by miles better than TWC. I gave up on using the chat option because the folks have no clue and / or no means to do anything. I have no idea why Verizon offers chat support when the only thing they are allowed to do is reboot your box. Interestingly, that often fixes issues for a short period of time just to have them back soon. I'm not sure why Verizon even bothers with equipment that costs 20-40$ street except for the fact they if they buy it in bulk they get it for even less and turn a profit on equipment rental fees much quicker. Which I am OK with (after all, they are a business trying to generate revenue, not the Salvation Army) as long as their service works properly.

Phone support is a hit or miss, at times you get a reall sharp person who miraculously is allowed to actually help you and do stuff, plus they tend to be trained for their job (while the chat folks probably follow a script). Also, the chat support folks most likely have five or six sessions going in parallel while the phone support folks obviously cannot do that.


When you cannot make it work through the normal channels I found that using the BBB is a reasonable approach to gain some traction. That worked with Verizon who had someone more official get in touch with me and really tried hard to get a hold of me...just to tell me that they will not honor the price they quoted online. They should have just thanked me for detecting a calculation error on their end and honor the price quoted, which would have made me much happer and would not make me repeat talking about in public.


If that does not work, I had good success writing letter to the CEO. Make sure you get the right name and address and keep it really short and professional. When you go on for three pages your letter will get tossed without further action. I once had a problem with Samsung hard drives and there specifically with the request to pay return shipping for obviously bad product. I got nowhere through any channel until I wrote the US CEO a letter telling him that I find it obnoxious that I have to pay up for Samsung to fix their bad product. A week later I got a nice letter back and it included a prepaid credit card that more than covered any shipping expenses.

See, Verizon, that cost the CEO 25 bucks out of his own pocket (if that), but makes me tell this story about top notch customer service over and over again....although it shouldn't have been that difficult to get it in the first place.


It is fine to run into problems. I can live with the fact that about once or twice a month the connection just dies and I have to restart the modem and router. I can cope with the two or three minutes being offline, but anything beyond that ought to be avoidable or at least fixable. Verizon, your paying customers deserve better.

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Registered: ‎07-26-2012

Re: Sick of your crap FiOS -- Stop blaming everyone else and fix my **bleep** problem.

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Don't feel bad, I've been going through this with Fios for more than a year and I don't play any games--just crawling Internet speeds in the evening even with their fancy Gateway.  My kids don't get any wifi in their rooms, but their friends can connect to my router across the street.  As a matter of fact, I've been a block away & still connected but just 30' away in the same house we can't connect.  I go through the same problems with Verizon over the phone or through chat.  The script reading & always wanting to reboot my router is childish (and before anyone says it's a good idea to occasionally reboot the router, no kidding.  I do it every time I notice the connection slowing, but it never makes any difference).

Since Verizon and the cable companies act like the monopolies they are, we need to address these concerns with the regulators.  Local officials tend to react when a group of voters inform them of a problem.

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