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Slow Gigabit Speeds

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Registered: ‎08-01-2018

Re: Slow Gigabit Speeds

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I'm having the same issues. I got FiOS gigabit at my old house. They came out and installed a new ONT inside my house (he said it was easier than to have it outside) and hooked their router to it (FiOS-G1100). At that house I had amazing speeds that made me fall in love with FiOS. Recieved 800-900 D/L and U/L. Hardwiring my Xbox One X reported an average of 500 D/L, 300 if Wifi. (Now on WiFi it barely gets over 100)


Now I moved into a new house about 25 mins away which was already wired for FiOS.. I did self install, hooked this router to the ethernet port they installed inside the house. The ONT is outside the house off the deck, then there is a backup battery thing inside next to my hot water heater and stuff.


Now I have the same gigabit plan (somehow charged me 10 more but oh well) but only get:


Google Speed Test 398 d/l, 938 u/l 342 d/l, 938 u/l

Verizon Speedtest 819 d/l, 963 u/l


I performed these tests on a 27" 5k iMac, hardwired, every other device disconnected. dropped pretty low a couple times. 


I called Verizon but they can't help me because their tests show gigabit speeds.. but in real world usage, I don't get nowhere near those speeds. I know what to expect because just a week ago, I was in my old house with the same devices, doing the same stuff.


It's frustrating because the upload speeds are solid but download is far from the mark.. if I'm downloading a game on Xbox, it takes like 5 times longer.

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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: Slow Gigabit Speeds

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Verizon is 940/880 (up to) not 1028/1028


wifi depending on the device can achieve 1/2 or less on WiFi 


you have the correct speeds. The other sites do not factor in the eyes of Fios.

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Re: Slow Gigabit Speeds

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I find that here in DC the same thing is happening. Every reading with their site that does the speed it’s fantastic: 949 down/952 up was the last. Meanwhile every other measuring app has it at 59 down/31 up or similar. More importantly —and this is the part they want you to ignore — MY EXPERIENCE is to watch it drag along SLOW. Done deal, a fast talking rep on the phone is not going to make me forget what I experienced happening. 

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Re: Slow Gigabit Speeds

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I am having the same issue. The gold contributer(s) should give an advise to user group, rather than just throwing what verizon cust srv keeps repeating. 


I have a 1 year old Dell laptop 32GB Ram, 512 MB SSD (Solid State Device), i7 processor. Have Norton Internet Security suite. Nothing has changed since I bought it. No new software.


Before signing for Gigabit (its not GigaByte) I was on 150/150, and I got almost 120/130 a year back. Now I get 8-Mbps (Yes it's eight Mbps) download and           820-Mbps upload.


I was told that a firewall might be blocking or that any device near you could be blocking. Its not the situation in my case. 


If you get a technician make sure he knows how to figure out what's blocking.

You want to see the speed before the tech guy leaves or just cancel the service.


Verizon should also tell the customers who are signing for Gigabit connection that they should have some device which can handle such speed.


Good luck.


Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Registered: ‎10-18-2016

Re: Slow Gigabit Speeds

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Just because I achieved gold does not mean I don’t give advice when necessary.

normally I tell forum posters to contact their states Public Utilities Commission or Public Service Commission to get Verizon to do their jobs.


now I have no idea what Verizon customer service has to say.


First off turn turn off the antivirus and hook an ethernet cable from your computers NIC slot to a lan port available on the Verizon router. We are not talking WiFi under any circumstances. Now you can have the newest computer out there (Dell is not one of them) and have only a substandard network interface card in the computer.


your test must also be from Verizon official speedtest site. Not or or any other test site. Verizon only accepts their closed network results. Using Ookula and others has bottlenecks and latency or missing or high hops.


if you had 150/150 your results should have been over those speeds. I had 165/159 +/- on any given day. And when I opted for gigabyte speeds (correct usage) I hit near 940/880 again +/- by a few lags here and there.


if you are not getting gigabyte speeds call Verizon and have them troubleshoot your provisioned speed. If they say it’s optimal from their end up to your home ONT then you know it’s a user issue after the ONT barring a faulty Verizon router if you use that. Verizon will replace if defective. They have no obligation if you use your own router.


Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: Slow Gigabit Speeds

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I also upgraded to the Gigabit setup about a year ago, new ONT and Quantum router. Had Ethernet wiring to all areas of home total of 8 Gigabit rated switches. Running the I discovered that a few of the old wires were only Cat 5 - that limited the speeds to those devices to 100Mps. Cat5 E wires labeled Cat 5 Enhanced or Certified or even better Cat 6 got at least 300+Mps to various very older PCs far away and even about 700+ download and upload or more for some PCs and always about 945/845 for Router to Verizon's Network thus are very satisfied. Amazed that few people mentioned the limitations of the various Ethernet Wire Categories. Cables and Switches are fairly cheap at Monoprice, Newegg etc, running them to several levels and many rooms is work but worthwhile.  I use AVG Tuneup (included in AVG Ultimate) to optimize all PCs including the faster Fibre speeds these days., but like to hear of other optimizing steps or tools.

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Re: Slow Gigabit Speeds

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