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Slow wifi from provided router only

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Slow wifi from provided router only

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So background, I have 20 years in IT and have setup countless networks, servers, sites, smart home stuff, etc. I have a MOCA network run through my house with the intial connection (coax) coming in to the provided Router, that in turn is run to a few other devices including a home security station and a smart home station (wink - 5 devices). On the mocha network I have a tuner box running a card as well as a dvr box and a seperate wifi (Netgear AC1900 I think). In all I have about 5-10 devices plugged in via ethernet to the various routers and moca adapters, 12 devices on the netgear's wifi, 6 cameras on home security (and some sensors running at low frequency), and the wink has a few outlets. Nothing is being run on the verizon supplied wifi because its so weak.


The connection to the base works fine (works as expected) if you are plugged in, but on wifi it is a different story. Within 5 feet of the station speeds are acceptable (mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and random devices), but as soon as you are 15-25 feet away you can hardly get the start page to google to load let alone a full page of baking recipies or a song from pandora. 


Every other part of the network works as expected, but this stupid supplied box doesn't cut it for me. I've upgraded from the actiontech one to the newer model that looks as if its trying to be a blade (sort of parallelogram shaped) and it changed nothing.


There is a large amount of interference on the network from other sources as all my neighbors have at least 1 smart home appliance and 2 signals of wifi, but I should be able to have wifi in the room above where the provided router is housed. Its within 25 feet and I'm not on 5 ghz.


The router is laying horizontal, doubt its anything as when I moved it nothing changed, but I know for some devices it makes a significant difference.


Is there an alternative to this wifi router? Can I buy a router the same as this, crack it open and install a better antenna? Am I the only one having this issues?

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Re: Slow wifi from provided router only

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What model router do you have?

I have the G1100 router and don't have any issues.

Sounds as though part of your issue is other wifi signals.

If you have an android phone, download an app called wifi analyzer.

It can help you look at what other wifi signals are present and recommend optimum channel setting.

Check your router settings also. A lot of times, the default is auto.

I have mine hardcoded to a set channel that has the least interference.

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