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The site is messed up

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Copper Contributor
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The site is messed up

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I've been tring to call , all i get is your closed .I had to pay my bill over my smart phone this month why ? which incurred a late fee why ? because the site keeps telling me to log in when ever i try to pay it  on the verizon site it's been that way for 6 days now if you count tioday and I am log into the acount that controls my verzion or main acount and i am ware of the some thing about moving us to a new billing system but after 6 days and a uncalled for late fee and the fact i  paid it on time or by the grace time limit, sense i can't get thu to anyone for some strange reason by phone, im posting here but will try again on monday sense it seems the office is closed now on the week ends ? .

why i couldn't i get thu  a few days ago by phone no idea either it said you were closed then.


one last Question i keep asking and will keep asking till it's done or i die or a beter service comes  were i live other then verizon or comcast .


are you all going to let us do due date changes,

i get my check on  the third wedsday of each month which doesn't seem to mater to much to you all  and most of the time im late on paying it but that does mater that i'm late by your set due date, I can't change, it seems , i get the late fee taken off true which is annoying after a year or so of doing it each month when the fix is very simple change the due date and  charge me the diffence like you do if i make a change on my account you all sure get that done fast .so  becasue you won't change the Due date I'm late and i all ways pay it when i say I will, with billing arrangements and a full payment, so i'm not ever late.


 even comcast lets us do due date changes but there service is far worse then verizon has ever been till now .

 SO, anything I'm told at this point is meaning less, annoiyng  and a excuse 



I dont get it, out of all my bills i pay you all still refuse to allow due date changes after years not days not month but years and offer it to your wire less customer but not your fios customer's.

i asked why, an no one can give a truth full why or gave a reason that has nothing ti do with changing it  some in billing had no idea we could not and some told me tthey have no idea why ..

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