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verizon fios poor customer service

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Registered: ‎06-23-2014

verizon fios poor customer service

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I ended my account on April 21st (triple play) when my bill shot up $50, after discounts ended. I closed the account on April 21, and I was on automatic payment out of my checking account. The april bill was paid in full, and I asked that the automatic withdrawls stop as I unplugged everything. i asked if I could return the equipment to the verizon "store" in hauppauge and was told if I did I would get charged for ME TAKING THE EQUIPMENT TO THEM. They said I had to wait for shipping boxes to be sent. I had to call 3 times as I never received them . On my third call, all of a sudden I was told that I would not be charged since my account as closed. 


Sure enough, verizon did indeed go ahead and withdraw my May payment, even though I asked them not to and since I did not have equipment. Again, I had  to call three times ,always getting a different answer.  


Today, I found our (at least this is the story of the day), that I have to wait two billing cycles all the way until July 12 for a final final bill. Then I should expect my payment owed to me 16 days later. So they hold my money for 3 months after i cancelled.


By the way, more good Verizon stories:


- My sons box died and we brought it to the hauppauge store and they charged me $10 because I did not call ahead of time to the customer service number. 


- We had two remotes not work any more and they charged me $12 for each one. They did not just swop out. 


- The last time I was with them, and left, they never sent me a final bill (ever try seeing your bill on line...its like trying to break into fort knox to get to what you want to see). and turned me over to collections - no notice no nothing .


- the last time I had them, they turned off my service just days after the bill was supposed to be paid.


I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO FIOS - EVER. THEY CAN OFFER ME THE SERVICE FOR FREE .The product is very good but the customer service was beyond terrible. I have learned my lesson and will never switch back again. 


They will probably remove this post, but I had to send this. My treatment was that awful. I don't like dealing with a company that treats you as if we are operating in a dictatorship. 


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Copper Contributor
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Re: verizon fios poor customer service

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On the contrary I have had great customer service from them.  But I only have FiOS internet with them.  Maybe customer service is regional and could depends on the individual representative. 


For example:

On one occasion when my FiOS box outside started acting up.  A tech came out and saw the box, he pulled this wire out and plug it back in, the box works again.  Three days later the box was acting up again, I did what he did - pulled the plug out and plug it back in and it works.  But I didn't feel like doing that every three days.


I called and another tech came out.  He installed a new ONT box, and put this black tape over the top of the box and said that it will keep water and moisture out 99% of the time.  He told me the reason the box was acting up was because of the moisture from the rain and it seeped through.  The new box doesn't have holes on top that let water seep through anymore.


Anyhow, my point is that the first tech had no idea why the box was acting up.  Didn't know that it was due to moisture and could temporary fix the problem.  The second tech understood the problem entirely and fixed it permanently.  So not all Verizon tech are trained equally.  Nevertheless I am a happy Verizon FiOS customer.

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Re: verizon fios poor customer service

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Keep in mind their technical backgrounds may be a bit different, too. It's not so much the training but it also depends on whether or not they have a supporting background for the type of work they do. I'm sure most if not all do (many of the techs they move to FiOS used to do Copper in the past), and in some cases it may be a case of just being an oversight. Normally ONTs that are designed to be installed outside are weatherproofed and are sealed as such. If there's holes at the top, well then it clearly is an indoor ONT OR the casing is defective.

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