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VPN issues with FIOS - still works with Comcast

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Registered: ‎01-23-2010

VPN issues with FIOS - still works with Comcast

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I'm having connectivity issues after switching from Comcast to FIOS. There are 4 VPN's I use daily.


They are:


Cisco (2) to remote DC's

Nortel (1) to a corp site

F5 (1 - web based UI) to a remote DC


With Comcast Internet I could connect to all of these devices.


After the FIOS upgrade

I can connect to 1 Cisco VPN's

I CANNOT connect to the other Cisco VPN

I can connect to the Nortel based VPN

I CANNOT even load the F5 url.


Naturally the ones I can't connect to are the ones I need most (grin!)


I'm thinking it's the stateful firewall built into the FIOS MI424WR-GEN2 router.

When I hop onto my neighbors unsecured wireless comcast internet connection everything works just fine.

Maybe IPSec or NAT is messed up and I recall there was a previous issue with Kerberos when trying to use FIOS

to connect to one of the VPN's but that was fixed.


So the question is - have any of you had and then resolved VPN connectivity issues using the Actiontec MI424 router.

If so can you let me know what you had to do. This is definitely on my end and at the remote sites.


I'm having trouble with all the major VPN device manufactures and it is clear the issue is with my new router config.


I really don't want to have to revert to Comcast. But I kinda need to do my job on a daily basis and at this point if the neighbors

don't pay their comcast bill I'm screwed.


Silver Contributor III
Silver Contributor III
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Re: VPN issues with FIOS - still works with Comcast

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are you using verizon for TV? 


 If not, use ANY router. 

-Even if you ARE using verizon TV, you can still use another router, but there will be administrative overhead to get your TV devices to work.


If you only got a coax connection to your router, they CAN change that for you to ethernet, but until then you can get a NIM (network interface module) which connects to the coax and has an ethernet jack to go to your router.


Posts: 3
Registered: ‎01-23-2010

Re: VPN issues with FIOS - still works with Comcast

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Thanks for your reply.


I saw a thread on this issue elsewhere in the forum where that solution was suggested. If I have no other choice I'll do what you suggest and thanks tor offering the advice. We do have FIOS TV and phone service.




My problem with that solution is this...I've never seen any protocol impacted by the wire type it's traversing. Seriously...I did network designs using Apollo and IBM token ring years ago so it seems silly to me that I need to switch to Ethernet to get this to work. It's obviously the router config out of the box.


I upgraded the firmware in the VZ supplied router which fixed an SSL VPN connectivity issue last spring for another user.

But even the latest version doesn't fix the issue for me.


Verizon warns against using other routers (other than those they have certified anyway). So I'd rather it just worked as it was installed without having to monkey rig my house.


The thing that really gets me is that 1 out of 2 of the Cisco VPN's works on FIOS. The devices at the other end are identical by design. Only the IP addrs are different. (**bleep**?!)


Anyway thanks again, if I do get this strightened out using the current wiring I'll post the solution here.



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