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Westell UltraLine Series3 Bridge Only Mode

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Copper Contributor
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Westell UltraLine Series3 Bridge Only Mode

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Good morning!  I've got FiOS internet but I'm not using Verizon's router!  Currently, I'm coming straight off the ONT via ethernet and going directly into my firewall/router (whith is SmoothWall Express v3.0 running on a Dell PowerEdge 2500).  Works fine!  No problems...


We're getting Verizon FiOS TV tomorrow and they're brining me a Westell UltraLine Series3 A90-9100EM15-10 router and they'll light the MOCA port on the ONT for video only and leave internet on ethernet.  


What I want to do is plug the WAN port of the Westell into my existing gigabit switch and connect the coax to it.  I need to disable the wireless so as not to conflict with my Cisco AeroNet and I'll need to disable DHCP.  I'll also need to disable all the routing functionality of the Westell so that it is basically a Coax-to-Ethernet bridge for my STB's.  I can assign the WAN port of the Westell a static IP from my internet net and forget about the  built in switch on the Westell.


Can this be done and if so, how???  I'm anxious to see how FiOS TV performs compared to Time Warner...  But, I'm in the IT field and have a complete lab environment setup at home, so, taking down my existing firewall/router and/or reconfiguring my entire network is out of the question.


Can I disable all these fancy functions of the Westell and just make it act as a Coax-to-Ethernet bridge so it'll sit silently and nicely on my existing network???  






PS>  Yes, I have to get the Westell router...  I've been told my many FSC reps that I can plug the STB's directly into the ethernet (which, beleive me, is nice) but all my ethernet ports are in use and I've have to put a switch in each and every room to do that...  So, I really do need the router, just for a basic Coax-to-Ethernet bridge.  Cheers!

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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: Westell UltraLine Series3 Bridge Only Mode

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From everything I have read the ethernet ports on the STBs are not enabled, so using them is news to me. This is what I have done with my MOCA router. Disabled the Ethernet wan. Also disabled the DHCP. Then used lan to my lan. The STBs like ip addresses in the 100-110 range. Like Or what ever network your router is setup for. My IP-Cop box is issueing these to my STBs based on their MAC addresses. All works great here. None of the remote DVR features will work, because of course Smooth Wall is gonna laugh at anything that wants through unless you let it through. I have looked at Smooth Wall but I am running the older IP Cop with addons like IP Cop + that does my proxy with DansGuardian. I thought of Smooth Wall but I am not sure if the Express version will do everything I need.


Oh I did set the IP of the LAN side of the router to one on my network so I can check the operation and manage it. Even though it is just a dumb MOCA bridge. On the connection settings in the router there are some check marks that set the connections to bridged. Mine were selected by default.


You may want to connect the new router with all your stuff disconnected and make sure the TV and everything is working with the tech on site. You will not need to change any of your configuration, and only change the Verizon router after they leave. You will need COAX and Ethernet to the new router, and this is the configuration for TV with Ethernet enabled on the ONT. I have an origional 610 ONT and it only supports video on the coax, so that was my setup.

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Platinum Contributor III
Posts: 6,820
Registered: ‎08-23-2008

Re: Westell UltraLine Series3 Bridge Only Mode

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One more thing. This is for the Actiontec but yours may be close to this. I think most of the firware is the same.


Click on the Globe on the left sidebar and this will display all the connections.


Full Status/System wide Monitoring of Connections


Select the Link "Network (Home/Office)"


On that page there is the setting button that will allow you to set connections. Bridge etc...



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