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HBO movie selection less than Comcast

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Registered: ‎08-09-2009

HBO movie selection less than Comcast

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Ever since I switched from Comcast to Verizon, my wife and I have noticed that the number/selection of movies available via our HBO package is way down. We're trying to figure out if Verizon purchases a more limited HBO package than Comcast or if, coincident with our switch to Verizon, HBO cut back on the number of movies it offered. The selection offered on HBO On-Demand is similarly affected.


We don't watch that much TV, but feel like there's never anything new to watch on HBO.


Has anyone else noted the same change? Or, does anyone have an explanation?





Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Re: HBO movie selection less than Comcast

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As for the lack of "new" material on the HBO channels, blame HBO.  HBO is HBO regardless of the carrier - they all get the exact same feed.  A lot of the lack of new material on amost of the premiums is probably due to paid VOD and PPV keeping the newest stuff off the "cheaper" subscription services (just a guess on my part).  Remember, PROFIT RULES!


Several months ago HBO pulled their HD VOD and may have cut some of their SD VOD.  HD VOD is supposed to making a return and maybe the selection will improve in general, but again, HBO controls the quantity of items carried for VOD, not the carrier.

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Silver Contributor II
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Re: HBO movie selection less than Comcast

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keyboards is normally correct (in fact, I cannot recall a time when this person was not correct).


however, there is a difference in terms of on-demand content made available for Verizon and Comcast.  I noticed this b/c my in-laws have Comcast, and noticed on the same day that they have a few extra choices compared to me.


it could be negotiation of the contract between FIOS/Comcast and HBO.  e.g. Comcast could pay HBO a little more money to get slightly more content, thus passing the extra charges onto the customer.


this process works similarily with your employer and their insurance provider.

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Bronze Contributor II
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Re: HBO movie selection less than Comcast

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Comcast has HBO HD on Demand...whereas nobody else does right now.  They had some exclusivity built into the contract from what I read a couple of weeks ago.
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Re: HBO movie selection less than Comcast

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I really appreciate the fact that HBO On Demand can be seen in HD.  That was a major drawback when trying to cue up some HBO programming at will.


However, I noticed that what the HBO website says is currently running on demand is different than what we see is available through our Verizon set-top box.  For instance, I went to look for Watchmen (which HBO is currently saying should be available through On Demand), but my FiOS TV says that only Jurassic Park and something else I didn't want to watch were available.


As an HBO subscriber, I feel that we should be getting exactly what HBO is putting out there.  In fact, there's a lot of programming that HBO has made available through On Demand, but those options aren't there for FiOS.


After going through the proper customer support channels with Verizon, I'm just getting the standard runaround.  "Call tech support", "call billing".  I see where this is headed.  Probalby to me switching to AT&T U-Verse or satellite.  It's really sad when something as simple as trying to get what you paid for turns into a mountain.

Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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Re: HBO movie selection less than Comcast

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Maybe it's a regional thing? In NJ, WATCHMEN is available via HBO OnDemand.  Of course, it is only the theatrical (i.e. cut) version and is cropped as well, losing at least one-third of the actual picture.  But it is there, if one wanted to view it.

Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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Re: HBO movie selection less than Comcast

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I am pretty sure that the HBO on demand just had not fully updated. Two days ago there were 8 movies on demand. Now there is 20ish.

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