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Is "Parenthood" on demand?

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Copper Contributor
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Re: Is "Parenthood" on demand?

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Walt, you're right about Flexview. I just searched for Parenthood on my Media Manager app and found all the episodes of all the seasons. I "bookmarked" the ep I wanted to watch, thinking I'd be able to play it back on my iPad. It took me a few tries to realize I needed to go to my TV and look for it there. Sure enough, there it was, under My Library - at $1.99 an episode! Boy, do I EVER miss Comcast!!

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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: Is "Parenthood" on demand?

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@wintersky630 wrote:

This very well may have something to do with it. Sad that company politics have to get in the way of viewer's enjoyment. There are some NBC shows on demand, but nothing I watch. There are no sitcoms like Parks and Rec and Community and no way to catch up on the final season of 30 Rock or the Office. I just spent a little time going through FiOS's on demand menu and was confronted by a truly dismal selection: HBO doesn't have old shows like Curb or Entourage or current ones like Veep and Girls. The Sopranos is there but probably just appeared after James G's passing. SHO isn't too bad - there are all the past seasons of Dexter. CBS and ABC only have some shows - no How I Met Your Mother, no Modern Family or Grey's Anatomy. No Cougar Town on TBS. I'm sure I'll find more, I only got FiOS two days ago. 


So far the only benefit I can see to giving up Comcast for FiOS is the wonderfully clear picture FiOS has. Wow! Other than that, I'm kind of regretting my move now. I really don't understand why Verizon is so backward when it comes to on demand content. I guess I'll have to invest in a Roku and get Hulu Plus. I should bill Verizon for it.

The free shows put up are what the various networks give them.  If the networks gives them shows for precious years they are there.


Note that I do see Parks and Recreation up there. 

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: Is "Parenthood" on demand?

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Okay, now I feel stupid. Don't know why but I checked NBC's VOD menu today and there it was: Parenthood. Granted, it was only the latest season, but it was there. Along with, yes, Parks and Recreation. Neither of those shows were there when I checked on Tuesday night and Wednesday, but P&R showed up on Thursday and Parenthood this morning. I wonder if the menu will be changing all the time. I hope not. Still no Girls on HBO though. Oh well, I'll take what I can get. 

🙂  Now all I need is a digital voice app for iPhone and transcribed voice mails and I'll be all set!

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Bronze Contributor II
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Re: Is "Parenthood" on demand?

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>>I wonder if the menu will be changing all the time. does change all the time as programs are added to or removed from the broadcaster's VOD lineup...


The other thing that happens with VOD is that for some broadcasters (TNT for example), when a program is first "loaded" into VOD, you will not be allowed to fast forward the program until a certain number of days have passed. For example, Major Crimes on TNT is shown on Monday evenings and usually the Monday episode will show up in the VOD lineup on Tuesday but it is not until the following Thursday/Friday that you can use fast foward. The first 3-4 days in VOD the program is shown as it was when originally broadcast with the same original ads but on day 3-4, they have modified the program so that there are fewer ads (usually or different ads) and you are then allowed to fast forward--you can tell the cutover by looking at the running time in the Info display so that if the running time is "1 hour", you will not be able to fast forward the TNT program and when the running time goes to less than 1 hour (usually 45-46 minutes), you will be able to fast forward. USA programs do not use this approach and you are allowed to fast forward any of their programs at any time.



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Re: Is "Parenthood" on demand?

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Yes, under On Demand, Free and Premium, TV shows, NBC, Parenthood. 

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