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New VOD menus

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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On demand menu messed up

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We have just noticed that the on demand menu has changed on us.  IMO, it is much harder to find what we are looking for.  Also there are some shows that we know should be in the on demand listings that we cannot even find anymore.


Is there any way to revert to the previous menu?

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Re: On demand menu messed up

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I wish there was a way to go back. It was updated the beginning of December and it is horrible. It doesn't even work. I've been reluctant to call CS as I know it will get me nowhere and take an hour of my time. Last night I had to use my Roku to watch the final episode of Westworld on HBO GO because the new Fios on demand menu initially wouldn't let me select the last episode and then later in the evening the last episode wasn't even on the menu to pick?  Why they can't leave things alone that actually work is beyond me. They apparently are using the Microsoft update playbook..........throw a half @#!$ update out there and let the customers let us know what doesn't work. 

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Re: How do you complain to Verizon about their new VOD menu?

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New On Demand Format is absolutely terrible.  Movies within Premium channels are images instead of titles and take forever to scroll through.  I plan to change to Comcast or cancel all premium channels because it's so time-consuming that it has discouraged me from even bothering to search premium channels.

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Registered: ‎12-07-2016

New On Demand Interface

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The new on demand interface shows movie posters and you need to arrow over each poster to see the title.  There is no way to quickly scan movies and the posters are worthless anyway.  How do you just see a list of movies or shows that are available?


I cannot believe that someone actually thought the interface of movie posters was functional.  This is the type of thing that will make me change cable providers.  It's unusable as it is now.



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new "on demand menu" misses the mark

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I reviewed the new fios "on demand menu" which it was clearly slow and in need of updating.  I was hoping Verizon was going to improve it considerably; however, I feel the missed the point and took features already available making it difficult to navigate.  It is clear that response between screens and navigation is faster; but, my biggest gripe is for searching movies, especially on the premium channels where you now cannot search by categories.  I dont need to scroll though 500 movies if I am interested in a drama movie.  Also, there is no capability to search new movies added or latest releases.  I also would like to search by movie release date instead of scrolling through hundreds of old movies.  I think the updates were needed; but, it can vastly be improved including functionality the old menu already had.  I hope Verizon can fix these glitches that can be easily corrected.



Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Re: new "on demand menu" misses the mark

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How do I view the "recently added" movies like I used to do on my premium channels like Cinemax,Epix, and Stars? There used to be an option for that but can't find it. Help!

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Registered: ‎12-09-2016

On demand old view.

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Is there anyway to switch back to the old on demand layout? The new one is anoying.

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Re: On demand old view.

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All we can hope is that FiOS will move forward and make improvements.

No different that Microsoft did with windows vista or 8.

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Re: new "on demand menu" misses the mark

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I agree with you, while the old demand menu had it issues the newest version is slow and extremely hard to navigate.  It might be the time to look at alternative providers.

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On Demand Interface

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Why has the interface for on demand been changed to a format that is completely unnavigable? In order to choose a program, you now need to scroll through graphics where before you could scroll up and down choices that were text based, and make your selection.


Previously, there were several on-demand channels that had this new format that I avoided for this very reason- I dont want to look at the picture, I want to look at the text. I do not want to scroll through movie icons and read small titles to get to what I am looking for.


Change it back or give me a text-based option. I dont want to waste five minutes to find a show. It's absurd, difficult to read, difficult to navigate.


I've been a loyal customer for years and you'll lose me shortly if this brilliant advancement is not corrected.


Dont you people QC this for user experience before rolling it out?

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