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New VOD menus

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Registered: ‎01-06-2012

Re: On Demand Menu has Changed

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I agree with these posts. The new on demand menu is the worst. I want them to undo this terrible "upgrade"

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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: New VOD menus

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Doesn't Netflix and Amazon use the same tiled approach?

If so, what makes them better?

They do on both my smart tvs as well as my rokus.

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Re: New VOD menus

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Amazon and Netflix have a title and description with every tile (at least on my TV). Maybe half of the Verizon VOD tiles have no text associated with the tile...just a picture. You have to navigate to the tile to see what it is. Stupid design.  

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Re: New VOD menus

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The new VOD menu is absolutely terrible. I can't find any movies of interest as easily asin the past with the older format. As an example, to browse Cinemax with the A-Z listing, I have 343 pages to scroll right with just the right arrow. Are you kidding? No [age down scroll or anything? Also, where are the After Dark listings? Need to switch back to the older version.

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Re: New VOD menus

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Thanks for a splendid post.  

I HATE HATE HATE these so called improvements too.  I agree it takes 4ever to get thru the VOD listings.  I found the old version 100% satisfactory.  They also changed the SEARCH option so now when you search an actor, there is no info on  the selections that come up other than just a title.  


They should give the consumers the choice and stop messing with our TVs.  We pay for this stuff!

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Re: New VOD menus

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I have tried to deal with the new VOD menu and I have absolutely had it!! I'm considering switching to Optimum. I would much prefer to scroll down a list and be able to read a short synopsis without having to click on an image for each title to let a description load. It is abso-freaking-lutely intolerable! Why pray tell, do I have to pay for older epiodes of shows that used to be included in my already exorbinate monthly charges!?

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Re: New VOD menus

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You would think by now Verizon would have changed the VOD menu to provide a list option versus these stupid ICONS that you need to scroll through to find what you want. Whats worse is you cannot even scroll by page it's one icon at a time aligned in two rows not to mention the icons that show NA. Any programmer worth their salt would realize this is the most idiotic application anyone would develope. Get this straight people a TV is not a phone and quit trying to adapt phone technologies to a TV. Obviously the CEO's and upper management do not use this stuff otherwise they would know how much of a pain they have caused. My guess the people from Time Warner left and were hired to provide new menus for VOD. As many have complained here give us the old menu list back or at least give us an option to change the way we view VOD. Given the amount of money you charge for this service I'm sure you can find a programmer who can do it.

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Re: New VOD menus

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The people at verizon can justify the new on demand menu all they want but it is horrible and tought to navigate. Yesterday we wanted to rent a movie and couldn't find it. HEY VERIZON THERE IS A REASON I PAY $240 A MONTH FOR FIOS AND NOT $12 A MONTH FOR NETFLIX. If this new menu is your idea of an upgrade you should be fired. BRing back the old easy to use menu!

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Re: New VOD menus

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The new on-demand menus are completely awful. This has to be fixed. Navigating the menus is ridiculously long and all the images are a waste of bandwidth. What's worse is that, once you've scrolled all the way to your show, there's a good chance it won't work. I've used on-demand very often since the changeover, but the few times I have, I've been unable to watch a show. Either the show episodes didn't appear, or if it did, the link wouldn't work when clicking ok. Horrible.

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New Fios VOD Menus

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You need to consider going back to the old menu setup. It is easy to while away a half hour scrolling through an endless labyrinth of movie posters. Before you could move quickly through a simple list of titles and click on the one that interested you. Now it is set up like a maze and very time consuming and difficult to use. I have given it plenty of time to adjust to it but it is just a uselessly difficult tool. Maybe you think it looks prettier but to an end user it is a royal pain. Please fix it or junk it.

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