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New VOD menus

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Registered: ‎02-15-2017

New Fios VOD Menus ‎

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The new On Demand menu is HORRIBLE.  Whatever possessed Verizon to change the on demand menu to what they did. The lettering is too small making it hard to read and harder to navigate. It takes me longer to find what I want to watch. It's REALLY REALLY HORRIBLE and I want to let Verizon know this and ask them to change it back.

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Re: New Fios VOD Menus ‎

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Agree 100% that the new interface is terrible. Much slower and more complicated than it needs to be. Bring back the old style.

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Re: New Fios VOD Menus ‎

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the New On demand Menu is awful. Takes much longer to find what I want. Who do I complain to??

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Bronze Contributor I
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I do not like the new format of the OnDemand for two reasons:


- Showing just the cover image for the video gives little information on what the movie is about. I prefered the older version where there was a listing showing the video image and a brief synopsis of the movie. I know I can hit INFO and get the same information, but that takes a lot of time to go through a bunch of videos.


- Foreign Language videos, don't like them mixed in with English language videos. A couple times I did not find out that the movie was in Spanish / French until I started the video. An option to filter out foreign languages from the listings, or a separate, top-level menu to select language would make for a better experience. Especially for videos which do not come with English subtitles.

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Re: FEEDBACK - OnDemand

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We hate the new format for OnDemand!  Not to mention, there seems to be a big reduction amount of televisions shows!   Also...why are they charging for tv shows that have already been on tv?  If I am out and miss a show I certainly should not have to pay to watch it.  

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Re: New VOD menus

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I agree with others regarding the new VOD menu - it is very hard to navigate.

Also, the one thing that really annoys me is the fact that we now have to pay for

shows on regular broadcast channels - $1.99 for a CBS show?  That is total

highway robbery especially since I have the high priced package.  Did Verizon even notify users that the VOD would now include additional charges?

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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: New VOD menus

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What Verizon did was combine shows that had a fee with the free ones.

And fees come from content providers.

Not surprising that CBS is charging as a way to get people to pay for their streaming service.

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Re: New VOD menus

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I had been back and forth on the phone with verizon for over a week.  After going through 3 reps who told me " I " was wrong... being persistent and demanding to speak to a manager, I was told... "we are aware of the problems ESPECIALLY with being asked to pay for shows you are already subscribed to.  This is AFTER i had those 3 reps repeating the same things over and over saying "some providers make you pay for shows if you are not subscribed".. Im not sure what part of " I AM SUBSCRIBED" they didn't understand.  In any event, i was told it would be resolved in 72 hours.  So...obviously it was not.  I called again this past Saturday, 2/18/17, and I was told that verizon is in the process of fixing it all... They will be rolling out another new system (or system fix) in the first week of March and this "should" correct the issues especially pertaining to the asinine issue (they think they are slick and no one will notice) of being asked to pay $1.99 per episode.  (( One rep even tried to **bleep** me saying "well you may have to pay for very old episodes".. umm.. a show that aired 2 weeks NOT old.  No one could answer my questions as to why one day.. its free.. new roll-out, it's "pay to play"... So, my best advice (At least from what I was told).. sit tight as in March its supposed to roll-out again... But in the meantime.. no matter how much of a pain in the butt it is... you have to call and complain and demand to speak to a manager, and the complaints department.. The more people that are not deterred from going up the chain and who aren't giving up (because thats what they count on .. people getting frustrated and just giving up).. The more complaints will be logged.. and the more threatened they will feel to fix the problem before losing customer base.  I just find it so funny how all these companies screw up BIG TIME.. and everything is hush hush... I love how one rep said to me "oh this is the first we have ever heard about it".. And i politely said.. maybe you should read the forums, or ask for proper training!.. Wake up Verizon.. there is alot of competition out there and new ways for people to save money with less hassle!!

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Re: New VOD menus

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I couldn't agree more! An absolute terrible new format. I do have a question. I've tried a number of times to call in a complaint,  but was unable to reach an appropriate party. The best I could do that enabled me to speak to a person (rather than their exasperating automated attendant) was a tech support fellow. While very polite and willing to pass my concerns up the line, he was the correct to bent my frustration on. If you have a number it would be of great help.  Thanks.

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on demand

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When searching for on demand movies on premium channals is there a way to get the list view like before. I hate the new format, take way to long.

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