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tennis channel

Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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Re: Verizon Drops The Tennis Channel

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If both sides refuse to budge, this is just the beginning of the Tennis Channel losing a lot more distribution. There is no way Comcast will budge either when their agreement is up, but I don't know about DirecTV. I just can't see things getting any better for TC if they can't get a deal done like this. It's not like Verizon just refused to talk to them like Cablevision did.

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Re: Verizon Drops The Tennis Channel

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Hi - - what good is having a great picture and you can not watch the programs you want or pay for.

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The Removal of The Tennis Channel

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As of today, I have noticed that The Tennis Channel has been completely removed from the guide. I have been extremely patient, especially when The Tennis Channel was taken down without advance notice DURING the U.S Open. I have been hopeful that Verizon would be able to finally work out their "dispute" but it appears that this will no longer be possible. 


The only reason I purchased the "Sports Package" was for The Tennis Channel and during it's down time from September through November, I have not noticed a decline in my bill for compensation for it's removal from the air. Will customers be compensated for Verizon's inconvenience to its customers and lack of notice of the removal of The Tennis Channel? Is there any chance that The Tennis Channel can come back to FiOS? These are questions that I need to be answered for my consideration whether to continue to do business with Verizon FiOS. 



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Re: The Removal of The Tennis Channel

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The problem is when a company gets too big, it stops caring about small pockets of customers. Verizon is at the point of not caring with their misguided arrogance. Verizon had the exact same arrogance when they refused to negotiate with Apple....look where it got them...AT&T was give exclusive rights for 5 years. Way to go Verizon.

Tennis Channel is right in that Verizon was forcing tennis enthusiasts to pay more money by lumping it with premium channels.

Verizon has tried to act like they are negotiating... Verizon is REPEATING their errors of the past. Very frustrating.

I will be cancelling my service this week. They have led me on for long enough....then i will take my wireless service elsewhere too.



Gold Contributor VII Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Re: The Removal of The Tennis Channel

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Don't believe the Tennis Channel claims. 


They want a huge increase from the various companies that deliver the programming to their customers.  Verizon is one of the few that is still talking to them.  Cablevision and Frontier dropped them without further discussion.  Comcast, whose agreement is not yet expired, is also talking of dropping them.


The increase in requiring it to be carried in the most common package, which is what they want, will increase the cost for verizon by about 20x the prior cost. 

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Re: The Removal of The Tennis Channel

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I filed a complaint with the BBB when Verizon dropped TC in the middle of the US Open.  They refused to compensate me in any way, quoting the small print in our "agreement" that said that they do not have to provide any specific programming to me, which, taken to its logical extreme means that they really don't have to provide *any* programming, just a bill to me.  Verizon, PLEASE RESTORE the TENNIS CHANNEL!!! 

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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A few weeks back a Verizon customer service agent told me by phone that Verizon & the Tennis Channel had worked out a deal.


But on December 2nd, a new message was posted on my set-box: The Tennis Channel had been removed completely. They're working on a deal.


Please. Once the channel is actually removed, how can we believe anything will ever happen?


We're already paying, since November 1, 2011, the 8-cent/month fee for FCC Regulation "the FCC imposes on Verizon to cover the cost of FCC Regulation."


Why not pass the problem carriage fee The Tennis Channel must want to charge you on to your customers too? Include it on the package, or ask customers their opinions. Do something.


Tennis is a great sport, excellent exercise for people of all ages, surely costs less than the zillions of  football/basketball/college sport packages Verizon offers -- mostly sports played by men, by the way.


Put the channel back on the air and give people the option to subscribe. Otherwise, I can'y believe that you're bargaining in good faith.




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Re: Verizon Drops The Tennis Channel

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The ironic thing here is that Tennis Channel was pushing to move their channel to the basic tier to get more viewers and therefore more ad revenue. In turn, they just lost a large portion of viewers and have now possibly shot themselves in the foot. I'm quite disappointed for sure. I had just gotten back in to tennis when they pulled the plug, during the US Open no less.



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I subscribe to the ultimate plan primarily to get the tennis channel on time for the last US open. I couldn't believe it went dark in the middle of it. It has been 3 months now and still no resolution. Regardless on what is going on in the negotiation, as a Fios customer, I am not getting what I paid and continue to pay for. Last time I checked the tennis channel is still listed in the channel lineup. I think it is appropriate for me to demand a refund for the service not delivered. It is ashamed as Fios is otherwise a solid product. Good thing my town has two other providers to choose from. I might return to my previous provider of this is not resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner.
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I too signed up with ultimate bundle just for tennis channel. It had been a while now since tennis channel was pulled. If this problem doesn't get resolve soon before the next big grandslam. I am probably going back to my old provider also. This is getting ridiculous as we are not getting what we are paying for, and there is no update regarding the problem. 



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