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The Weather Channel

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: The Weather Channel

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@CRobGauth wrote:

How about Bloomberg:

They say exactly the same thing.

I can't find any article to back up Rocky's claims of ratings increase (Bloomberg quotes Nielsen for its numbers).

As for the FB posts I mentioned, it was not a page, but one of those sponsored ads that pop up from time to t ime. If I see it again, I will be more than happy to post it.

. I am just a customer. I think that people should be fully informed on what is going on.
Do I think that Verizon always makes the right decisions. No.

I certainly think this could have been handled better (and still could be).

Do I think Accuweather is a suitable substitute for TWC. Not at this time, but willing to take them at their word that they intend to upgrade.

I almost never watched TWC as I dod not find it very useful. I for one use smartphones and PC more for weather than I do TV anyway.

Again, you're looking at old data.  Completely worthless.  And you're claims of a "sponsored ad" on Facebook are also without merit.  Of course Verizon would be interested in sponsoring an ad which defends it.

And no, you aren't "just a customer".  You have your opinions - and try your best to say your opinions reflect the majority of the Verizon viewers.  They do not, especially in this case.


Accuweather has been in business for 50 years - and this is the result?  Totally laughable.


I DEPEND on accurate weather for my business.  I NEED to know what's going to happen so I can schedule my employees.  And with severe weather season coming up (I'm also a SKYWARN Spotter for the NWS), accurate weather is even more important.  And PCs and smartphones just don't compare.


Accuweather is a piece of crap.  But just because YOU don't find it useful doesn't mean a lot of other Verizon users feel otherwise.  This thread is proof of that.





Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: The Weather Channel

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Enough already, bring back the weather channel and drop MSNBC and CNN. I get news online. Thanks for nothing Verizon....
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Re: Bring WeatherScan Back!

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I am a meteorologist and I agree, bring back WeatherScan and The Weather Channel.  AccuWeather programming is boring and it provides exactly what Verizon said we could get from other sources. The Weather Channel provides in-depth analyses, on scene reporting and some SCIENCE. Weatherscan provided us our local weather whenever we needed it.  For rooms where we have the "dumb" box (i.e. the DCT700), there is no widget available on Ch 49, so in those rooms there is no local weather.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Re: Bring WeatherScan Back!

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Here's another example of the uselessness of the weather widget. I turn the widget on this morning. It says Freezing Rain. OK, is it doing it now? Stick my head out the door and there's nothing yet. Will it occur later today? No idea by this limited information. So I turn to the trusty local radio station and they say it  will mostly stay south of us with only a slight chance of it occuring in our area. You could never get that with this wacky widget. Weatherscan would have told me this information upfront. Apparently Fios like us to turn off the TV and go back to radio for detailed weather information. That's OK,keep doing that and pretty soon Verizon will be out of the TV business.

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Re: The Weather Channel

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What's the deal with removing the Weather Channel without notifying people, AccuWeather is a joke and I will not watch it, lets see how the ratings for this channel do and how much negative feedback you all at Verizon receive. People around the country rely on the Weather Channel and enjoy the programming. You people at Verizon dropped the ball on this one, also when you do bring the Weather Channel back and you will or lose valuable customers, why am I watching the local forecast for Philadelphia when I live in Dover DE. Get your heads together Verizon and fix this ASAP.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Re: The Weather Channel

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I can not figure out how to do quotes of other posts.  But I want to thank you for your post about "keep The Weather


I did not know about that website.  I learned a lot,  Such as I thought.  The break up was not done nicely.   Acording to TWC Fios just stoped talk to them and never informed TWC or FIOS coustomers that TWC was to be dropped from the line up.


Is this how Fios conducts business?   Not nice or profession at all.   Like little children.  Also acording to that website TWC says Fios will not return their calls.   WOW.  Just WOW.


How can you have a multi-billion company and act like a child?


Also as I said before I agree with you.   1200 + replys on this thread must represent Millions of unhappy customers.


I do not understand Crob or his point of view.

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Re: The Weather Channel

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I can't believe FIOS took away the one channel that is essential to me.    I lived in Kansas for a few years and am now terrified of severe weather and tornados.   I have relied on the Channel 49 radar screen from TWC to help me keep my fears in check.   I could always easily see exactly where the severe storm was and whether it was heading for area or not.    I could either take a deep breath and relax or clutch my flashlight, book and radio and head for the basement, but at least I had a good idea of where and when things were happening.

Accuweather is awful compared to TWC.   It's amateurish and whenever I turn to that channel it's never giving the weather for Baltimore but always for some other location.    The widget thing is just dumb on old radar channel.    I even tried the radar on 466 which is better than Accuweather, but still far below the radar TWC provided.

Why would FIOS taken an essential service away from the public and act like it was dropping a cartoon channel?   Our weather appears to be getting wilder and wilder and dependence on accurate, precise and in-real time information is more essential than ever.   I consider it to be a mandatory public service rather than an "entertainment" channel.  

Please, please, FIOS, bring it back - if you need to raise the rates you charge a little I won't like it, but I will pay it - FIOS has never had problem in the past raising rates, so why is this weather channel thing different.


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We want the weather channel returned!!

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does any one know when the weather channel will come back

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does anyone know when the weather channel will be back?  Comcast is offering a deal to buy out the contracts from FIOS and they have the weather channel


I need to know so I can get back to Comcast

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Re: We want the weather channel returned!!

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Bring back the weather channel!

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