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The Weather Channel

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I am so frustrated with being unable to get DECENT weather information, especially during hurricanes, blizzards, storms, etc.  Accuweather is NOT HELPFUL and not informative to the extent that watching it is a farce.  I cannot watch WEATHER.COM's live feed online because VERIZONFIOS does not subscribe to the channel - and I know you haven't for several years.  REALLY, this is such a disservice to those of us who want to be more informed.   I switched from Cablevision to FIOS several years ago because of the reliability of your service.  At that time, was part of your channel line up.  PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!

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I just signed up and realized FIOS does not have weather channel. I am strongly considering going to to Optimum. This Accuweather is useless for national weather events. Very disappointed 

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Copper Contributor
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Re: I hate accuweather

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Cougar126, I agree with you Accuweather really stinks! You really see then difference during storm events.... I'm also thinking of removing all my services from Verizon, which is close to $400. Cable & internet to Comcast and Mobile to AT&T. Maybe if Comcast buys Verizon we'll get the Weather Channel back :-)..... since Comcast recently is offering Mobile Service on the back of Verizon's network, it might be a possibility. Let's hope!

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Re: Weather Channel

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If you want Verizon to know that you want the Weather Channel you have to call them. No one from Verizon reads these forums. When you call don't be mean or nasty otherwise you will be ignored. Give  them a good reason for wanting the Weather Channel to return to Fios. This is the only way to get the channel back.

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Re: The Weather Channel

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I agree! The accuweather channel is aweful!  Customers should have been given the option of choosing The Weather Channel.  I have relatives in the Houston area and Accuweather's coverage of Hurricane Harvey has been inadequate to say the least.  Accuweather's coverage has been repeats, not current and up to date.   The Weather Channel provides significantly better coverage.


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Re: Request to have THE WEATHER CHANNEL returned

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Please please bring back the weather channel! What were you thinking taking that away. 

I thought by now you would have it back. We already pay more for your service than any other. Please put it back. 

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For the life of me, I don't understand why the Weather Channel was removed from the channel lineup.  The Weather Channel is the most comprehensive reporting of all the weather channels.  Please tell me why it was removed from the lineup.  I just don't get it.  Bad business decision.   

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It has been stated before. Verizon says the price they were being asked to pay per user didn't make financial sense. And their statistics showed it was not watched very much.

Too many people using Internet (PCs and mobile devices) to get weather instead.

Other than times of sever weather, there was a lot of non-weather content that I don't believe a lot of people watched.

According to this page: Weather channel has dropped from a high of nearly 68M viewers to 44.5M.

And according to here ( TWC has dropped to 218K viewers per day.

FIOS has about 4.7M subscribers out of around 91M in US (counting satellite). So in round numbers, FIOS has about 18% of all subscribers.

Assuming the number of people watching TWC are equally divided, FIOS has about 39K people (not just subscibers as a subscriber can have multiple people per household) watching TWC for at least 10 min (I think that is the threshold) per day.

You can see how these numbers can make it hard to make financial sense.

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Programming Weather Channel

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Hello -  have been a long time subcriber, couple years back there was an email sent out syain FIOS was cutting the Weather Channel , due to biling increase and how FIOS did't want to pass those increase onto the customer...great thanks, much apprecaited. Alnog with that several Outdoor channels were cut too.


I am asking to bring back the Weather channel, the Accuweather channel, for lack of better term...SUCKS!!  if you watch it for more then 30 minutes the "FEED" starts back over, yes the feed is updated during the day, but nothign better then goingto the Weatehr Channel to see live info.  Heck I remember when the Weather Channel started back in the 80's or whenever it was.  The other thing is I wanted to see actual weather info abotu Harvey...Accuweather didnt really show anythign just is prerecorded feed,  so I was left with CNN, msncb, FOXNews...etc, etc weather splashed in with politics.  So I went to Weather Channels web site, funny thign it Verizon allows you to go to Weather Channel and look at everything but you can't watch live video....why would you do this, just block the weather channel.


In short please bring back the Weather Channel that has live feeds, and we can watch actual Weather news and not news splashed in with Pilotics like on CNN and all the other New Channels, if i want update Politics and other news I go there, if I want relavant weather info, I would go to Weather Channel, not accuweather channel it sucks, maybe they coud more like the Weater channel.  I hope someone reads this and give me a good answer.




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Copper Contributor
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Re: Programming Weather Channel

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Apparantly no one reads the previous posts. If they read the previous posts they would have read that I said that no one from Verizon reads these forums.

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