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1.6.1 audio issue

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: 1.6.1 audio issue

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About 9 years ago my wife insisted we buy a very expensive Sony TV.  It had sound adjustment, but didn't work.  The guy next door had similiar set and his didn't work either.  This forum says auto vol adj only works when you use TV's tuner, NOT with DirecTv, GBPVR, etc.  I had DirecTv then.  Googling "TV with automatic volume adjustment" doesn't bring up any TV's with this feature.  I'll bet advertisers somehow prevent volume adjustment from ever happaning.  Can you imagine them letting commercials not scream "BILLY MAYS HERE, AND I GOTTA DEAL FOR YOUUUU!!!!)?  Providers like Verizon would have to invest in equipment to equalize vol on all chs, and they won't.
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Copper Contributor
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Re: 1.6.1 audio issue

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I was not aware of that. Good information to have though. Thanks.
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Re: 1.6.1 audio issue

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I just got FIOS with all the trimmings and I wish that I had known about these issues. Here are my specs and issues.


Sony KDL52XBR9 - had no audio issues with TWC 

Sony STRDG720 - had no audio issues with TWC

5.1 Surround Sound Speakers

1.6.2 software on DVR box


I have everything hooked up through HDMI: DVR>Receiver>TV.


The audio issues varies between channels and sometimes shows. For example:


Tonight I was watching True Blood, everything worked fine during the show.  After the show was over the HBO commercials began to air and the only sound that I was hearing was through the subwoofer (voice, music, etc...) so it appears that only a mono signal was coming through.  Afterwards, the George Lopez comedy special aired and I got the same mono sound from the sub.  On Spike I was watching the Phantom Menace, the movie played audio perfectly but the commercials played back in mono.


I decided to switch to the History Channel (The Universe was airing) and heard the same mono sound coming only from the sub.  I then decided to try different connections.  Going optical to the receiver did not change anything.  Going optical to the TV did work for a little while but then I heard nothing (assumed that the mono signal wasn't being output through stereo speakers) then tried my usual HDMI setup and back to the subwoofer sounds.


I tried toggling the mono>stereo>surround settings on the DVR to no avail.


Am I like many others in that I am going to have to wait for the next firmware update to wait and see if my issue gets resolved?  The mono sound is consistent with many channels, CBS HD being one of many.  I don't feel that I should be paying for all of these channels if they do not produce sound.  Kinda like buying a car with only 2 wheels, it's not going to get your far. 


Has anyone simply resorted to not using the DVR in the main room?  Can I switch boxes between rooms?  I have 2 HD boxes and 1 HD DVR and use the living room DVR for 90% of my program watching.


If anyone has any advice on how to resolve this issue it would be greatly appreciated.  

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Re: 1.6.1 audio issue

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I have no audio via the optical out (only just signed up with Verizon).  Was this meant to be sorted with the upgrade to 1.6.2 or is it still a known defect in the set top boxes until a further upgrade?

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Re: 1.6.1 audio issue

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I have a standard STB and HD STB. I have tried every possible combination in the audio settings and my volume is still low. I have to have the STB at 30 (highest) and my TV at least at 50 to get a somewhat decent sound level. Sometimes I have to put my TV volume at 100 (max). And what is this 1.6.1 anyway?

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Employee Emeritus
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Re: 1.6.1 audio issue

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1.6.2 has addressed issues related to audio.  If you are still experiencing an issue with your Fios TV audio/Sound please start a new thread. 🙂 Thanks

Joe D
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