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Cisco DVR's are Garbage!

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Copper Contributor
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Cisco DVR's are Garbage!

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I don't know if its a good thing or bad thing but over the last 12 years I've had every type of cable TV there is.  I've had Dishnetwork, Direct TV, Comcast, Cox, Altantic BB, and now Fios.  Verizon Fios' DVR boxes are by far the worst.  Cisco 435 DVR's are what I have.  The software doesn't work properly, the external HDD doesn't work properly, and the picture freezes a lot.  I have to reboot the boxes quite often.  Dishnetwork was heads and tails superior to all of them.  Now you had to pay to get the top of the line DVR's, but it was worth it.  Plus, dishnetwork constantly upgraded the software to fix problems, to the point they almost worked perfect.  Verizon Fios takes your money and gives you a terrible product.  Its time everybody start liking this topic so we can get Fios to fix the SLOW CISCO BOXES!!  Please respond and follow this topic.

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Re: Cisco DVR's are Garbage!

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I concur 100%.  I have not had the problems you mentioned specifically,  Maybe the 1.9.5 has not made it to my boxes yet.  Dual CHS435HDC.


My gripes are with the remote controls.  Mostly unresponsive from even 6'-10' away.  New Li Ion batteries, reset boxes reprogrammed remote, nothing makes them more agile.  A single button press works maybe 20% of the time.  COMCAST RNG200 & remote is like lightning by comparison.


Then there is that 435 remote "5" numeral button.  Extremely touchy.  Almost impossible to get a single "5" pressed.


But it seems to queue up the successive button presses so I am constantly over-shooting my targeted menu item!


If I press an unassigned channel I wind up at NO MAN'S LAND non-existent channel #1981 (always - at least here in No. VA).  COMCAST at least put you to nearest existing channel.


Some recent upgrade now shows more detail about the two simultaneous recordings.  HOO-RAY!

Now, FIOS, about those other problems.....


BTW:  Has anybody heard about when the 6+1 FIOS MEDIA CENTER boxes might be available?  Announced last January at CES and not a word since.  Rumor was this was FIOS attempt to crack the sports bar market so I am sure residental customers will be begging and pleading and bribing (hey FIOS, just kidding!) to try and get one of these things.  And as always, NEW CUSTOMERS first....


I asked tech support today and there does not seem to be a way to run TWO boxes side-by-side in the same room as all STBs and all REMOTES respond to everything (any make/model).  Gosh, makes me long for the days of CB radio channels in the 70s!   Even cordless phones have multiple channels!


Talk about technology dribble down...

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