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comcast to FIOS questions

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Copper Contributor
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comcast to FIOS questions

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I am considering switching from comcast to Verizon FIOS.  I have questions that have not yet been answered for me.  Until they are, I will not be able to make the switch.


1.  After the main FIOS comes into the house, does it then use the existing COAX cable to connect to my TV sets?  I have gotten conflicting answers on this.


2.  With my current Comcast set up, I have two DVRs on the main TV so that I can record more than 2 shows at the same time.   Each DVR has a separate remote control since they are different manufacturer models.  I have read that will not be possible with the Verizon FIOS setup.   What alternate solutions are there? 


3.  In my current set up, the cable comes into the house and then the COAX cable is split multiple ways so that it feeds my computer and wireless router (via the Comcast cable modem) and also feeds to my main TV on the first floor (split again to go to the two DVRs) and via COAX to an upstairs bedroom.  If those various COAX hook-ups can be used for the TV, then things are good.  If a new cable needs to be pulled for the upstairs TV, then that is not so good.


4.  The current telephone connection box is on the opposite side of the house from where the Comcast cable enters the house.  The FIOS box on the street is on the same side of the house as the telephone connection box.  How will the technician come into the house?  Will the existing copper phone lines still be used?


5.  With respect to #2 above, what about using TIVO.  If I get a TIVO box and their subscription for my second DVR, what fees from Verizon will be required to make it work (e.g. cablecard, etc.).


6. With respect to #3 above, that upstairs TV is currently using just a digital adapter box (Comcast just raised the rental fee for that from $0 to $1.99 per month).  I don't need any sort of DVR up there -- does Verizon have a similar device and what will its rental fee be.



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Re: comcast to FIOS questions

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they'll likely do their own install.. from their setup near the street they'll run a new line and put their own box on the side of your house.. from that box they'll run wires throughout your home..

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Re: comcast to FIOS questions

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Note that these forums are for customer to customer assistance.  You won't find Verizon answering specific service or pricing questions here.  For that, you need to contact them directly through the methods listed on their "contact us" web page.


FiOS is fiber to the home.  At the home, a device called an ONT converts the fiber to coax and telephone.  The ONT can be mounted inside or outside.  A power supply with a backup battery is installed inside near an AC outlet.


Once the ONT is installed, it connects to your existing coax network for TV and internet.  It connects to your existing phone wire for phone.  If the ONT is far from an existing connection point for either, then the technician will need to run new coax and/or phone wires.


The Verizon router connects to the in-home coax network.  The coax provides both the WAN connection to the ONT and a LAN connection that is used by the set-tops.  In home computer equipment connects to the router's WiFi and wired Ethernet ports.  The router can be located anywhere with access to a coax, power, and whatever computer equipment needs to be near it.


Verizon does have low cost set-top boxes.  You'll need to contact them for the details.


It may be possible to get two different models of DVR, but unlikely.  Note that Verizon supports multi-room DVR, so you could put them in different rooms and be able to access all recordings on both DVRs.  Another solution is to use IR remote sensors on both boxes and locate the sensors far enough apart that you could point the remote in different directions to select which box you control.


It's impossible for anyone on this forum to know how they'd do the install at your home.  Your best bet is to read more info on the web (on Verizon's pages as well as places like dslreports) and talk directly to Verizon.


Good Luck.


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