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Commercials TOO Loud

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Registered: ‎10-23-2009

Re: Commercials TOO Loud

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Dolby has a product that will even out the audio.
Use the mute.
Don't buy the products with loud commercials.
Watch only movies on CDs from Netflixs. 
Read a book.
Switch TV service, cell phone, internet, land line phone.

This problem can be fixed if the powers to be want to....
When our contract is up we are swiching, TV service, Internet, 5 cell phones, 3 phone lines..Unless it is fixed.

If you do not like the load commercials... Cast your vote with your dollars or many hundreds of dollars.

Remember: We can use an antenna for HDTV, Magic Jack for land line phone, cheaper cell phone and internet service other than Verizon.
Don't get me wrong I like Verizon but they have refused to fix this problem.

Wait a minute....Think of all the money I can save...Maybe verizon is doing me a favor.
If I invest this money now and every month, instead of giving it to Verizon, I will be rich.  

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Gold Contributor V
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Re: Commercials TOO Loud

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Remember, This is NOT a Verizon issue. Not really. This is a broadcaster issue (the channel itself). Verizon only relays the signal to you and provides a means of getting the channels.




Verizon could alter the signal being sent to them and moderate the sound but they will not do that. They can't please everyone and most people will put up with loud commercials in order to get unaltered movies and shows. The movies and shows are why we pay for cable service after all. If Verizon were to alter the signal in order to mediate the commercials we would loose the superior sound quality that we enjoy with the programs. And since Verizon has made a reputation for having the superior sound and picture quality, they are not going to jeopardize that. Not that we would really want them to either.


Error exists between keyboard and chair.
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Nickel Contributor
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Re: Commercials TOO Loud

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My biggest complaint is the commercials for FIOS on FIOS. Those commercials are louder than any others, I can be accross the house and it is very loud. But I would say about 40% of the commercials have a higher volume than the show.


City: Apple Valley

State: CA

Date: every day

Channel: all channels that run Verizon FIOS commercials

Specific commercial: see above

Time: all times

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Re: Commercials TOO Loud

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Re: Commercials TOO Loud

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A perfect example of this is the current Hess holiday racecar commercial. Man that is loud when it comes on during the football games.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Re: Commercials TOO Loud

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@Reaper wrote:

Possible good news on this subject:–_No_More_Loud_Commercials/3694


Thanks for posting a link to that article.  Glad to know that someone is listening to the people and doing something about it!


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Re: Commercials TOO Loud

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Thank goodness I am not alone. This has become a real problem when we want to watch TV while our twins sleep (they are now a little over a year).  We have to quickly turn the TV down to prevent the commercials from startling them awake!

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Copper Contributor
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Re: Commercials TOO Loud

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@Reaper wrote:

Possible good news on this subject:–_No_More_Loud_Commercials/3694

"The ATSC will require that all programming be submitted at -24dB, plus or minus 2dB."


-24dB as measured by what?

MAX Peak Level?

Average Level?  Over what period interval?

RMS?  Again over what period interval?


There are all sorts of technical means around such a simplistic requirement, and some day they will be exploited.


Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: Commercials TOO Loud

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This is easy to solve if Verizon wants to take a 3 pronged attack to the problem.


1. Verizon should take a 24 hour sampling of the audio levels for each channel. Note the .7 of peak dBvu value during that period for each channel.

2. Attenuate the peak values so that they all match to -24 dB vu.

3. Send a software update to all the STB's to brick wall limit all signal that exceeds -24 dB vu threshold at an infinity : 1 ratio with a 1 ms attack and 1000 ms release.


That would make any commercial that exceeds the the threshold sound like utter crap and dissuade channels and advertisers from pumping up the volume.


If Verizon will not do this, I would suggest users getting a digital or analog stereo limiter (depending upon your set up/audioconnections) and doing the same. The way the STB limiters are programmed, they do not control the volume differentials verywell.

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Re: Commercials TOO Loud

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This problem is out of control on Verizon. The worst offender is not other companies, its Verizon itself and Im sick and tired of this nonsense. Who (edit) needs this kind of crap. My TV volume is perfectly set... to a comfortable level, then a (edit) Verizon Fios commercial comes on and it wakes up my  (edit) neighborhood.


Guess what Verizon? You are NOT the only game in town. My contract is up very soon and I just might kick you to the curb. IMO the phone and internet service are IDENTICAL with Comcast, I like Fios TV better, but if you feel the need to play childish games like waking up my  (edit) neighbors with your **bleep**, I will drop you {please keep your posts courteous}ike a hot potatoe!

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