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Do other VZ supplied STBs with DVR behave the same way?

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Registered: ‎04-03-2013

Do other VZ supplied STBs with DVR behave the same way?

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I subscribe to FIOS TV and rent a VZ-provided Cisco CHS 435 HDC decoder box/dvr.

Our area's electric power is provided by PEPCO, which despite a huge public relations campaign to convince their subscribers, the Maryland Legislature, and the Public Service Commission to the contrary, continues to provide unreliable service with frequent power failures of varying duration - even in good weather.  (We just had a failure this AM that lasted 1 hr 20 min in totally clear weather, no wind, etc.)

I've noticed that even after prolonged outages, the Cisco box retains my personalized settings of selected channels for each of the "Favorites" as well as all the programs I've scheduled for future DVR recording. However, I've also noticed that after a power failure, the DVR will fail to record anything unless and until I've manually accessed my FIOS service with the remote control and waited the "minute or so while FIOS is downloading".  This is OK when I'm home; but when out of town, I miss programs.

However, since the CISCO box has already completed its several-minute reboot, and the router and all other associated equipment has already fully rebooted (or stayed online using the standard battery backup VZ installed in my basement) and all the boxes are communicating with each other, this manual step should be unnecessary to restore full functionality. 


Can anyone explain in layman's language why the CISCO software couldn't be written to download whatever it it that it is downloading only after I first manually use the system after a reboot? Does VZ rent different STBs with DVR that don't require this manual intervention to restore pre-scheduled DVR recording after a power failure?

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Re: Do other VZ supplied STBs with DVR behave the same way?

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I have not seen this issue with my Motorola 72xx series DVR, BUT I have a UPS on it that would easily keep it alive during a couple hour outage.


That being said when I lost power last year from superstorm Sandy (several days) I did not have to access the DVR for it to download before it would behave "normally".  I don't believe VZ is distributing Moto boxes anymore (except as refurbs for failed units in the field).  Also if you have Cisco my understanding is that you can't mix brands so ALL your boxes (not just the DVR) need to be either Cisco or Motorola.

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Re: Do other VZ supplied STBs with DVR behave the same way?

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Still distributing and some models still being manufactured although now coming from Arris.  And of course they want you to pay extra to go to Arris VMS1100 and IPC1100 boxes, 

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Re: Do other VZ supplied STBs with DVR behave the same way?

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Good grief, I hate this.  It's absurd that it can't do its downloading sometime prior to me hitting the button to turn it on.


It's bad enough when I just want to mindlessly watch something, but I'd be really ticked if a show I wanted was about to come on or something.

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Re: Do other VZ supplied STBs with DVR behave the same way?

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Associated question:  Has anyone else with the Cisco box experienced the same issue as I described in the original posting?

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