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Feature requests(s)

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Copper Contributor
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Re: Feature requests(s)

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I did it! I looked at all 110 messages and I read all of most messages!


I have a few suggestions and I have not seen most of them mentioned anywhere.


Bookmarks: the ability to set a bookmark for a specific place in a recording and then return to it. Just one bookmark would help. This could be used in multiple ways; if someone needed to do something such as walk a dog but others wanted to continue to watch, then the recording could be quickly and conveniently returned to where the person was at when they left. Or if we wanted to rewind to watch something again, then it would help to be able to immediately return to where we were at. Multiple bookmarks would help and it would help if the bookmarks were saved for a specific recording but just one bookmark for the entire DVR or STB would help.


Users: it would help if we could configure each household member and then have the ability for each user to be able to indicate the shows they want to see and have seen. This would be especially useful for multi-room DVR configurations.


Recorded program folders: The option to see recorded programs listed chronologically, not in folders of the show episodes, would really help the way we use the DVRs. (Need I explain that?)


Progess bar: I don't know what it is called, but that thing at the bottom that shows where we are at in time in a program. The bottom of the screen often is a very busy place. That is where captions go and many other things. It sure would help to have the option of moving the progress bar and other information from the bottom to the top, and things like that.


Scheduling from a PC: The FiOS TV Central is very useful. We can use our PCs to view the current schedules of things to be recorded and we can even add items to be recorded. I am surprised that it goes over the internet. I think it would be better to do it over the LAN instead of the internet for scheduling from a PC. The Media Manger uses the LAN; it should be able to do much more over the LAN.


An ability to jump to the end of a recording would be useful.


When viewing a recorded program, when we return to the list of recorded programs, it would help if it were to return to that location in the list of recorded programs instead of always going to the top. That is not so important now since the storage limits the number of programs, but as soon as we get more storage, it will be especially noticeable if we have to scroll through a long list of programs amny times when we manage the shows.


Unless we have the ability to watch programs recorded in HD on SD STBs, we have little use of seeing them in the list of recorded programs from a SD STB. It would help to be have the option of filtering out HD shows from SD STBs.


It would help to be able to filter shows based on rating from the Guide, or whatever filtering feature that exists. Some people would prefer to exclude adult shows and some people would prefer to select them specifically.


An intercom capability is more of a stretch but I think it is very possible. It would help if each STB (DVR or not) could also be an intercom. The (MOCA) network could be used for that, correct?


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Re: Feature requests(s)

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How about a simple sleep timer?  Every other device associated with a tv since 1985 seems to have one, why not the fios DVR/STBs?
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