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FIOS Complaints

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FIOS Complaints

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I am in Grapevine, TX, I have FIOS and called Verizon on Friday to upgrade to an HD box. After speaking with the customer service agent, she  put me on hold, then came back later and said she had talked to a store in Lewisville (about 10 miles away). She gave me an order number and said the store had reserved a box for me to pick up. I had about an hour this morning (Monday) before having to be back in Grapevine, so I figured I would have plenty of time to drive out and get the box as soon as the store opened. How wrong I was! There were many employees there, but it seemed they had little idea of what to do. I was initially told by a verizon store employee that they would have to call someone to "refresh" the information in their computer, and that it would take about 10 minutes. To make a very long story much shorter, after about 40 minutes waiting (and noticing that the store employee wasn't doing much talking on the phone, just holding it to his ear) I heard him say "OK," and he hung up the phone and said I would need to submit a new order. I told him that, having been there for 40 minutes or so already, I was short on time and could only wait about 5 more minutes or so for the box. How long would it be? He gave me kind of a half-smile and said, "About 10 minutes." I was pretty sure that even he did not believe that! So I left. Later, I received a hangup call from Verizon-Lewisville at my home, followed about 10 minutes later by a message saying simply that my "box was ready for me to pick up." No thanks! (An apology of some sort would have been nice, though!)      

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Re: FIOS Complaints

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Well Boss,

  I'm sorry about that. I really am.


Those stores are a very good resource for cell phone issues but the land line services are new to them and to the computer systems that serve them.


To others who might click in here, the best thing to do I think is to just pay to have a field tech come out and do the heavy lifting for you, Many things that will be easy for a tech to resolve will be hard for us average folks. The fee is well below the regular $90 per half hour service call rate and he will stay for hours if needed for that low flat rate to be sure all is well.


To those who have a little more comfort with installing electronics having it sent UPS will allow all the behind-the-scenes processes to complete while the box is in route, sometimes this day or two delay is good, it assures the box will find all the package details ready and waiting when it "phones home" when connected.


Or get one at a store if same-day delivery is required, but like so many things that are a lot faster they aren't always a lot better, again I'm sure sorry about that.

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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: FIOS Complaints

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Sorry to hear about that, I can understand the frustration.....


Not that it will help this time, but there is a Verizon store in Southlake, in the Southlake Town Center, on FM 1709. Depending on where you live in Grapevine this store might be closer. I don't know that they would be able to provide you with a box (or anything else for FiOS), but you could certainly call them and see. I have gone in there and changed my plan, gotten a free splitter, etc, so they do try to help.


Just one more possible source for NE Tarrant County customers.


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Keller, TX 76248

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Re: FIOS Complaints

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All right, I certainly would have preferred being mailed the box and or having the box delivered. I was given neither of those options at the time. I was told by the Verizon customer service agent when I made the phone order that I HAD TO DO two things to complete the upgrade: 1. Drive up to the Lewisville store to pick up the box that they would reserve for me. 2. Then drive to the UPS in Grapevine and mail the old box to Verizon. I was then told to call Verizon and report the UPS tracking number and keep the number for six months, in case the company never received the box and tried to charge me for it. I asked the agent if there was some way of doing this in which I could avoid having to drive to two places. She said no, so I did agree to do it. But, as I stated in the earlier post, the store in Lewisville was unable to give me a box while I waited close to an hour. They couldn't figure out what to do. The issue here is Verizon's terrible customer service, which seems to stem from a massive bureaucracy that leaves it unable to function efficiently or in a customer-friendly way. When I initially had the bundle done some time ago, the Verizon tech inadvertently disconnected my home phone line, and it took more than a week and conversations with numerous Verizon employees who denied a problem existed before someone finally admitted that a mistake had been made and fixed it. So, I am really not too surprised when a Verizon employee responds to this kind of thing with "Well, Boss, I'm sorry about that, I really am." That's been about par for the course.   
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Re: FIOS Complaints

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2219 S. Loop 288
Suite 108
Denton, TX 76205
940-243-0529Mon-Fri 9:00-6:00
Sat 9:00-4:00
Sun Closed
1005 Northwest Hwy.
Suite 1005
Garland, TX 75041
972-278-0778Mon-Fri 9:00-7:00
Sat 9:00-5:00
Sun Closed
3307 W. Airport Fwy.
Irving, TX 75062
972-413-7401Mon-Fri 9:00-7:00
Sat 9:00-5:00
Sun Closed
413 E. Round Grove Rd.
Suite 101
Lewisville, TX 75067
972-315-1050Mon-Fri 9:00-7:00
Sat 9:00-6:00
Sun Closed
641 W. Plano Pkwy.
Suite 307
Plano, TX 75075
972-516-0888Mon-Fri 9:00-7:00
Sat 9:30-5:00
Sun Closed
1460 Main St.
Tenant Space B, Bldg. 4B
Southlake, TX 76092
817-310-4040Mon-Fri 9:00-9:00
Sat 9:00-9:00
Sun 11:00-6:00



Did you go to the location on Round Grove Rd? The location in southlake is MUCH closer to you than the lewisville location

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